Lead Full Stack Engineer

Q5 • Posted December 2nd

Software Development
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About Q5 

Our mission: Help bring delightful software products to the world. We partner with companies to help them build amazing products -- think of us like a modern day, software focused McKinsey.

Core Values

Our core work values revolve around building delightful products. We believe that all engineers should be full stack, and the key to great products is for people to own features end to end. We give everyone on the team a lot of independence and room to problem solve, to come up with the best solutions to the problems at hand.  

Job Overview

We're looking for strong engineers to own features and build them end to end. We work with a variety of different products and have a culture of shipping features fast, but with quality.

The perfect candidate will have a combination of product instincts combined with clean coding skills. This person should also be driven to ship quality products, while also understanding the tradeoffs between speed & quality.

As a full stack engineer, you'd be in the trenches on the backend and the frontend. Our stack changes from project to project, but is mostly has a frontend in React.js / React Native, and backend with Ruby / Django / Node and servers on AWS.

  • Lead development of features from the frontend to the backend.
  • Architect systems high quality systems that are extensible in the future.
  • Collaborate with product owners to develop new features.
  • Defining & communicating technical requirements

Company Benefits:
  • Work in our Oakland office or remotely from anywhere - we are a distributed team working primarily during pacific standard time.
  • Health insurance (Dental + Medical)
  • Work from home budget for work-related equipment that is yours to keep!
Remote (Q5 is fully distributed) but based in Oakland, CA. Currently, all members in the team are in California but we're open to candidates across the USA. 

Application Process:

Please include your resume, salary expectations, and let us know why you’re the one for us, and why we’re the one for you, in the covering message that you send. 

We'll reach out to all qualified candidates to setup rounds of interviews, and we want someone to start as soon as possible.