Senior Full Stack Engineer (Django, Go, React)

Futrli • Posted September 4th

Software Development
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Do you love being paid to do what you’re good at? Do you love working in a small friendly team alongside like-minded engineers? Does building software that makes a difference to people’s lives inspire you? Do you thrive on working remotely? Come and work at Futrli (pronounced Future-lee) where we are passionate about building online software to help small businesses succeed.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and skilled Full Stack Engineer (Django, Go, React) to work with us on a permanent basis. We are based in Brighton, UK, and our engineering team is currently distributed across the UK and Spain. If we see significant interest from another country we will consider a virtual presence in that location. Where colleagues are not UK based we employ the services of a payroll specialised company to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations, just as if we had a physical branch there.

Our software engineers have a breadth of experience in multiple front-end and back-end languages and frameworks and are highly attuned to building software in an efficient and maintainable manner. We love simple solutions that are designed to last and make our lives easy. We’re fans of infrastructure as code, continuous delivery and test suites that instil confidence in the releasability of our software. We’re an adaptable and tight-knit team, so you must be able to work independently whilst also collaborating and communicating closely with other engineers, designers and members of the product team.

About You:

  • Proficient in Python and the Django framework when used to expose REST APIs to a React frontend.
  • Comfortable working with React, including familiarity with managing state using React Hooks and Context.
  • A good grasp of CSS with the skills to deliver an in-browser UX experience that matches our designers’ high standards.
  • Experience working with golang. Some of our libraries are written in go and we’re finding we’re using it more and more, so a desire to be involved with these would be great.
  • Comfortable picking up our design patterns and working within our team’s conventions… but also not being afraid to bring new ideas to the table if you’ve got a better way of doing things.
  • Demonstrable experience in effectively communicating while working remotely, both written and verbal.
  • A desire to deliver high quality fully-tested code to production so the value of your work can be experienced by our customers.
It’d be really nice if you also:
  • Have an understanding of accounting principles and can interpret a business’s Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet statement.
  • Have experience with AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform and all that jazz
  • Have experience in some cool technology or library that we don’t use that you can geek out about to us.
  • Have a fun, engaging, low-ego, can-do attitude

About Us:

Futrli builds prediction technology and advisory software that helps businesses plan for the future and ultimately make more money. We’re headquartered in Brighton, UK, but as a result of Covid we have recently transitioned to a fully remote working environment which has been working very well for us. Our software has helped over 60,000 small businesses and our customers are from all over the world, with the majority from the UK and ANZ. Our engineering team is a group of multi-skilled and curious software engineering specialists who are always up for a challenge and enjoy building high-quality software that users depend on to help run their businesses. Sound like you? Come and work with us and build amazing things.