Full-Stack Engineer

Sunroom • Posted May 18th

Software Development
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We’re looking for an extraordinary full-stack engineer to join our team. We don't care about years of experience or an impressive resume, but we need someone very talented who wants to ship quickly and have a big impact on our team. We're building exciting new things using interesting technologies like K8's, Go, and a custom media pipeline. We’re looking for someone who loves working on deep problems across the stack, someone with versatile skills, and an intense hunger for learning new systems and languages. Some of our technical challenges include on-demand video streaming, screenshot blocking, and developing ML for our creator recommendation system. + we have some exciting creator revenue features on the roadmap

The Role
  • You’ll lead essential work across key parts of our system, like our custom native video player, the media processing pipeline, the DRM system, and our recommendation system.
  • You’ll play a key role is deciding which technical implementations are right for Sunroom and the various product features we have in the pipeline.
  • You’ll dive in and solve some of the deeper, gnarlier bugs we experience
  • You’ll propose optimizations for our current system; like improving global content delivery speeds, content quality, and API response times.
  • You’ll have input into Sunroom’s engineering standards, tooling, and processes. You’ll be a formative figure in the development of Sunroom’s engineering culture.

The Stack
  • Frontend — React Native, TypeScript, Redux, and a fair amount of native Swift code
  • Backend — Nest.js (TypeScript), Go, and a little Rust
  • DevOps — AWS: Fargate, Postgres, and Kubernetes

About You
  • You can build systems appropriate for a small / agile product ecosystem, as well as a large scale on.
  • You care about creating more economic opportunity for women, and enabling women to become entrepreneurs.
  • You’re entrepreneurial yourself. You’ve hacked on things and built side projects. You’re curious and experimental.
  • The idea of quickly iterating on a product to reach product-market-fit is exciting to you. You’re technical at heart, but you care about the user experience.
  • You don’t have to have lots of official work experience, but you have to demonstrate that you’ve built things using technologies like Go, Rust, or K8’s.
  • You have recent experience architecting, designing and implementing products.
  • You’re comfortable with Git-based workflows, integrating external APIs and services, server-client web development, and testing yours and others’ work.

We're committed to inclusivity and we value employees for their unique perspectives and life experiences. We encourage applications from diverse backgrounds, identities, and abilities. Please feel free to note which pronouns you use in your application.