Senior Full Stack JS/TS Engineer

Pabio • Posted December 28th

Software Development
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What we're looking for

We're looking for an experienced JavaScript engineer who is comfortable across the stack to help build our product. Although an engineering degree is not required, we require someone with a strong background in web tech with a focus on modern JavaScript and semantic HTML. Day to day, you'll be adding new features to our website and apps and contributing to the development of our APIs — with a focus on tests, reusable components, and other engineering best practices.

You're the right candidate for the job if you have:

  • Love for the web — You think hyperlinks are magical and JavaScript flavors are delicious
  • Strong background — You've built everything from static sites to PWAs to Node backends
  • Good taste — You are creative and have an eye for good design, not just good code
  • Work ethic — You work tirelessly to ship the best possible product

Experience with any of the following is nice to have, but not a requirement:

  • TypeScript, which you can pick up on the job if you're not familiar already
  • Web frameworks like React, Vue, or Svelte
  • Web-based graphics using WebGL, three.js, Babylon, or D3
  • UI/UX design using pencil/paper or tools like Figma and Sketch
  • Open source contributions in your GitHub or GitLab profile

Why work at Pabio?

  • Team — You'll work mostly with cool people (not all of us are cool, but the majority are)
  • Competitive salary and equity — Directly participate in Pabio's success
  • 100% remote — Work wherever and whenever you want
  • Gadgets — Whatever you need to get things done
  • Learning budget — Buy courses and attend conferences
  • GitHub Sponsors — Fund your favorite open-source projects

Engineering at Pabio

Pabio is a tech company at heart. Our in-house rendering engine generates photorealistic interior design concepts and we use full-stack TypeScript (Next.js + NestJS), along with keeping up with the latest in the ecosystem (e.g., experiments with Svelte and Deno). We also contribute to open-source (e.g., Upptime with 8.5k+ stars), and co-founder Anand is a GitHub Star. You'll be joining as one of the earliest engineering hires and will help us make Pabio a household name.

How to apply

Sounds like you? Join our team and make a dent! The application link is below, and please add the line "We're all made of star-stuff" at the end of your application letter; we'll ignore applications without this. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.