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Sked Social • Posted June 17th

Software Development
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We’re searching for a highly experienced engineer with strong technical and leadership skills to join our team. We operate on a MERN stack, and our team generally works across the full stack rather than just back or front end (although, of course, you might have more experience with one than another!).

You'll be collaborating particularly with our other engineers in Europe, and be part of our executive team, based across the US and Australia. Our company has a flat structure, so you’ll report to the Founder but work closely with product, customer success, and marketing.

Your mission

The core mission of our engineers is to build a product that our customers will love. You’ll lead this team to create new features, refactor code, and build new services entirely in collaboration with our product team. You will bring your past experience to help us iterate rapidly and build for the future, and create a team where your engineers thrive. This is a hands-on leadership role.

We'll know you’re successful when you:
  • Lead all technology strategy and decisions across Sked, own the code, and support your team to tackle greenfield projects and innovation features 
  • Develop the culture of our engineering team and lead them in continuing building a brilliant product in an environment when they thrive
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and try to understand what they need
  • Deploy bug-free code to production that is easily maintainable
  • Improve code quality as you work
  • Work on short release cycles to iteratively test and refine our platform
Our stack We use a fairly plain MEAN stack: NodeJS/Express, MongoDB, and React and AngularJS (1) (we are progressively migrating everything to React, so it’s a bit of one and the other). We also use Redis for session management. Our servers are primarily in AWS, and we make use of tech like Elastic Beanstalk to make DevOps easy.

It'd be great if you have experience working in an agile/kanban environment with Git for SCM (branching, merging, pull requests – we use GitFlow as our workflow).

Of course, you should be comfortable working with a command line (Unix/Linux, SSH).

To be effective, we believe you need to: 
  • Have several years of experience working with NodeJS and a MEAN or MERN stack, with recent team leadership experience
  • Have shipped product (that is, something people paid for!) in a B2B SaaS environment in the past
  • Love working in a small team, hitting the ground running, and getting straight into the 'thick of it'
  • Understand when you need to build a quick and basic MVP ('hack it') and when to build a 'kitchen sink'
  • Not be afraid of debugging complicated issues or working on refactoring/updating older code
  • Collaborate across time zones and have flexible availability to work with a global team
  • Love deploying well-tested and effective code to production
  • Like to work on a mix of new projects and improvements to existing features
Some understanding or experience in social media management and/or social networks (from a business users' perspective or their API) is a plus, but definitely not required.

Apply now to be considered (including a short covering note to introduce yourself) and I'll be in touch (Rebecca).

Note: Candidates based in timezones similar to AEST ( +/- 3 hrs) are preferred.