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Scaffold Digital • Posted February 3rd

Software Development
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At Scaffold Digital, we believe that digital solutions, delivered well, can make a huge difference to businesses and organisations. Therefore, our team believe in thinking outside the box to challenge the norm when we set out to work with a client to digitally transform their offering. We are passionate about delivering digital solutions and how they can help achieve business objectives, we love a challenge and believe in going the extra mile.

At this stage we are looking for a developer to join our team to increase our capacity whilst delivering effective solutions for clients, working to specifications & timelines, helping us achieve our vision by building digital solutions that make a difference to the businesses & organisations we work with.
We are a small company, but we have big plans and want great people to help us bring them to life. You’ll get the chance to work on a wide variety of interesting customers and learn new skills.
Are you a problem solver? Would you like to work with a team who are collaborative? Are you passionate about developing solutions that empower businesses? If so, this is a role that will allow you to be part of a strong and well-established team and we would love to hear from you.
What does the job involve?
In short: Develop high quality solutions on time and on budget

Key responsibilities
• Deliver solutions across a variety of languages and frameworks
• Work to timescales, specifications & budgets

How we measure that
• Performance against timelines & budgets
• Quality of code

Who you’ll work with:
• Report to the Head of Development
• Work closely with the Project Manager and project lead

What you must do
• Live and uphold the company values
• Track time on projects
• Report against performance indicators

Typical job activities
• Creating interfaces from design
• Linking interfaces up with logic layer
• Use of version control.
• Working with APIs
• Customer support

What we work with
PHP, Laravel, Lumen, Angular, Java, .Net, Swift, Xamarin, React Native, Ionic, React JS


Fit our brand personality
• Good sense of humour
• Friendly, positive and easy-going
• You will care about delivering quality solutions
• Trustworthy – If you make a mistake, you’re the first to admit it.
• Progressive – You’re always learning and curious about different ways to approach a problem.
• Collaborative – You will be keen to work with and help others as part of a close-knit team.

Be an excellent communicator
• Have good literacy
• Be able to explain complex scenarios in a straightforward and simple manner.

Have a desire to learn and grow
• You should be willing to work in a variety of languages and can get up-to-speed in new languages effectively.
• You should be open to learning new technologies or getting involved in projects that are challenging.

Have excellent problem-solving skills
• You approach problem solving methodically and pragmatically


• £30-40k per annum depending on experience.

• We are a remote-first team with a digital HQ
• Hyrbid working and monthly team meetup @ Ormeau Baths, Belfast – Northern Ireland

• Flexible working hours based on a 37.5 hour week.

• Opportunities to learn and advance your skills with a team of like-minded people.