Android Developer for cryptocurrency app written in Kotlin

Live Coin Watch • Posted July 5th

Software Development
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We've built an iOS application for our platform LiveCoinWatch - - and are now looking for an experienced developer to help with Android development.  Must be fluent in Kotlin with a strong understanding of MVVM architecture.

The app is currently about 80% finished, with most of the core functionality already implemented.  You will be working closely with the project founder and lead developer, with code reviews every step of the way.

Experience with websockets and is a must.  Comprehensive knowledge of single-activity fragment-based navigation is required.

Access to an iPhone or simulator is required so you can use the completed iOS app as a guide.

Experience with OAuth logins (Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple) not required but highly preferred.  The first three are already working but might need minor tweaks, Apple login still needs to be fully implemented.

You can view the completed iOS app here -