Lead Developer With A Knack for Product Development - Ruby/Rails - $120K Plus Equity

bosWell • Posted May 5th

Software Development
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bosWell, Inc is a funded startup that provides intake software for neighborhood organizations such as food pantries.

We need a self-directed, multi-faceted and pragmatic Lead Developer that is comfortable working in a remote environment at a start-up company, and can grow with the company into a higher level leadership role. This person will also help shape the product by working with stake holders and must have an eye for human usability.

We like to build products with the least amount of moving parts, so our technology stack is simple. Rails 6, Postgres, Turbolinks and light amounts of Stimulus JS. The architecture is mostly monolithic, but models and controllers are very slim, with complicated logic encapsulated into other objects for business processing and presentation. We are refactor friendly, and your input will help determine which areas of the code base should be refactored.

You should be proficient with:
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Database and SQL fundamentals
  • Automated testing
  • Heroku deployments
  • DevOps and Docker
  • Project planning
  • Distilling discussions with stakeholders into actionable plans
  • Team management

Preference is given to those within the Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area due to our funding sources, however all candidates within the United States will be considered.