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Relive • Posted September 12th

Software Development
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🏔️ Relive

Relive is an app used by more than 15 million people to track and share their outdoor adventures. We think that being outdoors and exploring the world around you is amazing for your mental and physical wellbeing, and we're on a mission to get everyone exploring the outdoors and living a healthy and active life.

We're growing fast (100% YoY for most metrics). We currently grow 100% organically via viral/word of mouth growth loops - users share an activity from Relive to their social media and that triggers their friends to sign up too. This works because our users love our product and love to share it with their friends and family. We are aiming to have more than 100 million users of Relive within the next 3 years.

💡 What would I work on?

This year we plan to start investing in a few new areas of our product. Depending on when you join you'll end up being given a clear focus area and joining a cross-functional kick-ass team. You'll be building new features that will be in the hands of our users in a matter of days - not weeks or months. Some examples of team focus areas we're investing in for 2022 include:

  • Helping users to understand their health and wellness. Our users want our support in staying active, understanding how they are improving over time, and ultimately helping them to live healthier lives. This takes different forms for every user and can be a key reason to keep using Relive long into the future.
  • Take Relive from single player to multiplayer. Relive is awesome today for your own activities, but it doesn't get better as the community grows. We want to make Relive increase in value and enjoyment for our users as we continue to grow towards 100 million users.
  • Give our users an activity tracker that they love. Today our activity tracker is functional but not lovable. We want to make it easier and more valuable for our users to track every activity with Relive.

Our Tech Stack

Because we rely on TypeScript across the stack (from mobile to backend), all engineers at Relive can work closely together and have an impact all across the product. If you are experienced with Javascript / Typescript, you should feel right at home.

⭐ The highlights

  • We work in empowered and autonomous product teams. The teams are given clear focus areas, ambitious objectives, and the safety and trust to do amazing things. This gives everyone a chance to focus on having an impact rather than wasting time with meetings and red tape.
  • Our product is growing really fast. We grow 100% organically, our users love our product and share it with their friends and family. We've got huge amounts of data and users who love talking to us, you'll never have to worry about too little data or not enough users willing to join an interview.
  • You get to have a visible impact on our product and our users. Your fingerprints will be on a product used and loved by millions of users around the world and you'll get to see your code in the hands of our users in a matter of days.
  • If you want to work on a consumer product with insane growth and are ready to grow yourself and learn faster than you could ever imagine then Relive could be the place for you.
Who you are 🏆

Must Haves
  • You have experience using TypeScript
  • You work with mobile app development (React Native for Android and/or iOS)
  • You've worked with Node.js building APIs and backend services.
  • You are using GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket to review the work of your team and get feedback on your own work.
  • Proficient in English, both written and spoken
  • You have worked in small cross-functional teams, shipping a product.
  • User focused, you love building product for the end-user
Would be a bonus if you have the following experience:
  • Experience building native apps for iOS / Android (Swift / Kotlin / Java)
  • Experience building cloud infrastructure
  • Experience working with MySQL and Dynamo databases
  • Creating and maintaining REST API
  • You know cli git commands by heart
  • Building front-end applications with React / Angular / Vue or similar
  • You've shipped a consumer product, with a large user base and using an iterative / learning approach.

👋 Remote first
We believe working at Relive should, just like our product, help you lead a healthy and happy life. It's important to be able to work flexibly - where you work, when you work. Being able to head out for a run to clear your head, or being able to work from nature for a few weeks per year. How much time you spend in front of your keyboard isn't what matters.

That's why we work Remote first. It means our way of working enables remote working for everyone. It's up to you where and when you want to work. We trust you to spend your time wisely. All our rituals and teams are designed for remote working.

You can work in any country in the +/- 1 hour CET time zone range, as we've not mastered the art of working across many timezones and we don't plan to invest our time in that challenge in the next few years. We're also happy to help you relocate to The Netherlands if you prefer. Like to have a change of scenery? You can work from any co-working space, no matter where you're located. We'll cover these costs.

We expect everyone on the team to get together a few times a year as we think it's important to make in-person bonds to strengthen our relations. That means a few times a year you can expect to travel to spend time with your team, make connections, and have fun together.

💛 Happy at Relive

✔ €50k to €75k salary
✔ Stock Appreciation Rights (SAR) that kick in after one year
✔ Lots of opportunities for personal growth and development

Our epic Explorers benefits

🌍 Live & work from anywhere in the -1/+1 CET time zone range
🏢 Unlimited use of any co-working space
🖥 Home office setup allowance
🕒 Flexible working hours
🙌 Two company retreats per year
👐 Cross-functional team meetups
ğŸŽ“ Learning budget

And more!

🏝 Flexible vacation policy
💬 Referral bonus program
🐣 Parent-friendly culture