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Dwell • Posted June 2nd

Software Development
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At Dwell we help 100,000+ believers cultivate a habit of living in the Bible. We love being able to help people connect more deeply with God through Scripture, and we love the challenge of using technology to accomplish that mission. Our Development team is committed to building formative and delightful experiences for our community, and is on the hunt for new team members who align with our mission. Could that be you? 

About the Role
As we continue to refine the Dwell app we’re looking for an enthusiastic Senior iOS Developer with great attention to detail, who loves UI/UX details, who can help us bring our vision to life, working closely with our UI/UX designer and founder to craft and maintain the highest-quality user experiences.

Our iOS app is 99.9% Swift (UIKit), and we’re using GRDB to manage the data, which we sync to our API server.

Please, no recruiters or contractors.

*Senior-level experience building iOS Apps, especially:*

1. Custom UI implementations
2. Performance optimization
3. Attention to detail
4. Working with a designer and founder to bring ideas to life
5. 5+ years experience
6. Enjoy working at a remote-first company.

As a Senior iOS Developer, you’ll report to the Head of Development, leading the implementation of iOS-based projects while working closely with our design team. You'll help us stay on the cutting edge of UX/UI development. You’ll provide the technical background and feedback needed to build thoughtful, delightful, stable, performant user experiences across the entirety of the Dwell iOS app. You’ll maintain our iOS app throughout the process, updating libraries and development approaches as technologies change over time.

What We Offer:

1. Profit Sharing and Liquidity Pools

Profit Sharing Pool
Full-time employees are also eligible to participate in Dwell's profit sharing pool the year in which they are hired. While they participate in Year 1, their profit-sharing portion is prorated from their date of hire to the end of their first calendar year (Dec 31st) with the company. So, for example, if you were to begin work on July 1st, you'd receive 6 months worth of your profit-sharing portion.

The amount of the profit-sharing pool is 25% of the company's net income for the year (after debt payments, savings, prepayments and taxes are taken into consideration). That 25% would be proportionately distributed based upon all current employees’ accrued units at the end of the calendar year. The profit sharing pool is always calculated annually, and always paid out at the end of the year.

Liquidity Pool
If Dwell is ever sold or part of an IPO, active employees will be eligible to receive a portion of 5% of the value of the company. That 5% would be proportionately distributed based upon all current employees’ accrued units at the time of sale or IPO.

Full time employees are eligible to participate in Dwell's Employee Liquidity Pool after one full year of employment.

Employees earn Units as follows:
Tenure:  1 unit is earned each year working at Dwell. Your first unit is officially accrued on your 1-year anniversary with the company.

Expertise: Additional units are assigned to each employee (at the beginning of employment and/or when transitioning to a new position within the company) based upon a combination of factors, such as position, experience, and expertise. Levels range from 1 to 10. For example, beginning junior-level employees will most-likely be assigned 1-3 unit, while senior-level employees might be assigned 7-10 units.

2. Time Off

Paid Time Off (Personal and/or Sick): 15 days
Summer Fridays: 8 or 9 days
Minor Holidays: 4 days
Thanksgiving: 3 days
Christmas: 4 days
New Years: 2 days

Total: 37 days

Minor Holidays
We take off for Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

In addition to annual PTO and holidays, every four years employees are encouraged to take a paid sabbatical (20 days off). Just give a heads-up, preferably a few months in advance so we can coordinate the work-load accordingly.

3. Benefits

Medical Insurance
Medical insurance is not provided through through the company. Instead, we offer a Health Reimbursement Agreement. Essentially, Dwell will reimburse the employee up to $350/mo for an individual or up to $550/mo if married. We don’t offer Vision or Dental insurance.

Paid Time Off
Dwell offers 15 days of paid time off (PTO). PTO is prorated your first year working at the company. If you start mid-year, for example, expect to have about 8 days off.

Summer Fridays
During the summer, we work 4-day work weeks, aka "summer hours,” instead of the traditional 5-day work week. Summer hours are in effect from June 1 through July 31 each year. When a a minor holiday occurs over summer, you can take the holiday off or your normal summer day off. Any additional days off would count as PTO.

Christmas Break
We take 3 weeks at the end of each year as a Christmas break. Christmas Day is completely off as well as the 2 days before and the day after Christmas. New Years Eve and New Years Day are also off. If days off fall on a weekend then we'll take the next business day off as the observed holiday. The rest of the days are considered Maintenance Mode, which means, take care of urgent tasks and be responsive if someone needs something from you. Maintenance Mode looks different depending on what you do at Dwell. For questions on what Maintenance Mode would look like for you, reach out to David Yount.

Family Leave
If you are the primary caregiver of a new child, you can take up to 4 weeks leave at 100% paid salary. If you are the secondary caregiver of a new child, you can take up to 2 weeks leave at 100% paid salary.

Retirement Plan
Our 401K is through Guideline. Dwell matches dollar-for-dollar up to 2% of your salary that you contribute to the plan. For instance, if an employee, who earns $100,000/year, contributes $4,000 towards their 401K in a given year; Dwell would contribute $2,000 (2% of the employee’s annual salary) to their 401K. If the same employee decided to contribute just $1,000, Dwell would “match” their $1,000 contribution. You are eligible to enroll in the 401K plan with your first paycheck.

Team Meetups
Team meetups happen in Plano once or twice per year. They typically last no longer than 48 hours. A Christmas Meetup is usually hosted on the first or second Monday in December.

4. Perks

Fitness Allowance
Dwell will pay up to $100/month for your gym membership, yoga studio membership, or whatever activity you do to stay in shape. If it’s not organized fitness, that’s okay, too. You can use your stipend to pay for running/race registrations or even new outdoor running shoes. The only catch is that you can’t “save up” your stipend; the benefit is meant to promote regular activity for you.

Continuing Education Allowance
Dwell will pay for a subscription to Masterclass, Skillshare, Blinkist or any other digital learning resource. You're also able to purchase a book each month, and subscribe to Audible compliments of Dwell.

Christmas Gifts
At the end of the year, we always like to give a thank-you gift to employees. :)

Home Office Set-up
Dwell will pay for any equipment or software necessary to do your job.

Co-working Space Stipend
Dwell will pay up to $200/month for you to use towards renting co-working space in your city. Please make sure you’re using a true co-working space that’s meant solely for working, not a club or social space.

Expense Account
Employees do get a Dwell credit card that can be used for any additional work expenses, such as travel, coffee or food for a home office, or software purchases. 

Dwell's ultimate vision is to be the digital home for Christian formation. We believe in the formative potential of technology. We're growing and have an ambitious roadmap of development ahead of us! Join us!