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TL;DR: this job may be for you if:
  • You want complete location freedom.

  • You want to build advanced technology such as compilers, UI subsystems, and software platforms.

  • You dig TypeScript, and care about things like code cleanliness, novel architectures, designing for intellisense, and upstream code usability.

About Truebase

At Truebase, we have a software platform that extracts insights from Truth code (our open-source type-safe data language), and then uses these insights to emit various digital assets such as native Mac/Windows/iOS/Android apps, data visualization tools, web-based information systems, etc. This technique is based on years of scientific research, and we're now starting to gain major traction from large enterprises. We can't hire as fast as we can close sales.

We're Contrarians

But not for contrarian sake. We have a track record of achieving things deemed "impossible", which we've done by operating genuinely outside the box, rather than simply operating inside a different box, occupied by some ruling class. To be effective at Truebase, you should be energized by our tendency to violate convention, versus object with reasons why we should just do things like The Cool Kids™.

Side note: Everyone in this company dropped out of school. A lack of university degree makes you more appealing at Truebase (Pure Math degrees excepted).

What we're looking for

We take a library-centric approach to most of our development. Almost everything is built as a reusable library with as few dependencies as possible. As such, we're looking for fairly a senior developer that understands what code engineered for a 10+ year lifespan looks like. You should be comfortable being given loose requirements, punching your way through unfamiliar territory, and coming back with an elegant, performant, well-thought-out code library that is a joy for other developers (inside or outside the company) to use. If your go-to in these situations is to default to npm install, you're probably not going to survive here.

How to apply

  1. First you need to apply, by sending us your "resume". You may interpret "resume" to mean anything from a link to your GitHub, to a link to a video showing a presentation you did, or maybe something else entirely.

  2. We'll schedule a quick call to see what you're looking for, and answer any questions you might have. We expect you to lead the job interview.

  3. We're then going to conduct a professional personality profile assessment (using the big 5). You can keep the results of this for your own purposes.

  4. Then we'll set up a time for the final interview where we'll email you an open-ended question, such as "Should drugs be legal?". Then you have an hour on your to formulate an answer, after which we'll discuss over a call. (The goal of this is for us to walk away thinking "Wow, that was a well thought-out answer").

Things We Use

Development Tools: Visual Studio Code, TypeScript, WallabyJS, Git, Tower (Git GUI)
Information Management: RocketChat, Typora, pCloud, BitWarden
Hardware: MacBooks / iMacs / Large External Monitors / Portable iPad Monitors


100% Remote: - We have no office, and desire to keep it this way. We also have no citizenship preferences. Our only restriction is that we ask that you generally stay within the western hemisphere, keep some regular schedule, and be in a place with a relatively stable internet connection.

We Don't Cheap Out On Tools - We understand that time is far more expensive than tools. Let us know what equiptment you need for your particular circumstance (are you a nomad? do you have a home office?), and we'll ship it to your door.

Work As A Contractor: - We'll hire you as a contractor, which in many countries results in significant tax advantages.

Referral Bonuses: - We offer bonuses if you convince your friend to work for Truebase, and they get hired. Additionally, if you walk us into another company and we're able to make a sale, we'll give you a cut.

Competitive Salary: - You should feel like you're "doing pretty well" working at Truebase.