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Crystal Knows • Posted November 17th

Software Development
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What We Do

Crystal is on a mission to create a professional world where people are treated like people, not numbers. Our customers use our DISC-based AI to better understand the personality and behaviors of their employees, job candidates, and sales prospects; enabling them to be more effective and empathetic communicators, managers, and salespeople. We’re currently looking to grow our product engineering team in order to keep building the largest and most accurate personality platform in the world.

Who We Are

  • We’re a fully-remote team of 20+ people, located across the continental US.
  • As a personality-based company, we know that people are unique and that our differences make us stronger. Because of that we support and seek to build teams that are diverse across all aspects of identity, perspective, and personality.
  • Among other things, we value:
    • Providing full trust with ownership and responsibility over your work.
    • Staying focused on our great opportunities by intentionally saying “no” to a lot of good opportunities.
    • A constant culture of healthy feedback - from each other and from our customers.
    • Taking our work seriously, but not taking ourselves too seriously.
    • Maintaining a healthy product by continuously evaluating and addressing technical debt.
  • We have thousands of customers globally, including 90% of the Fortune 500 companies!
  • We’ve raised $7MM in early-stage VC funding, led by Salesforce Ventures.
  • Our frontend tech stack is built on Typescript and uses React, Redux, and Next.js.
  • Our backend tech stack is built on Ruby on Rails.
  • Our platform is built on AWS using ECS, EC2, and RDS, among other Amazon services.

What You’d Do

  • Collaborate with our Product, Sales, and Customer Success teams to build new features (and improve existing ones) to better help our customers.
  • Iterate quickly in an agile environment alongside the rest of our product development group.
  • As an early member of a small team, help us build culture, best practices, and architecture that will support us and our customers as we grow.
  • Work across our full tech stack - primarily on the frontend, with a lot of opportunities to learn and grow across all of our technologies.
  • Help drive the product roadmap for the next several years, including improvements to: our personality detection AI, our Chrome extension, enterprise tools, data integrations, and more!

What You’d Earn

  • Base salary appropriate to your experience and the remote market for full stack engineers.
  • An equity grant in the form of stock options (specifically, ISOs).
  • 4 weeks of paid time off.
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance contributions for you and any dependents.
  • Regular opportunities to meet in-person with your team and with the whole company for team-building and strategy.
  • Assistance with setting up a home office as necessary.
  • Participation in our company book club - we’ll buy books for you and reward you for reading them!

You Should Apply If…

  • You have the equivalent of 3 or more years of production experience as a front-end or full-stack engineer. This is not an entry-level position - unfortunately our team is too small currently to support a junior-level hire. As a result we are not currently entertaining recent bootcamp or college graduates for this role, as much as we’d love to open that up as we scale.
  • You have strong communication skills, particularly in written English. As a remote team, asynchronous (written) communication is paramount to our success - especially when it comes to explaining complex and/or technical ideas.
  • You’re interested in being part of a product delivery team - we are all passionate and invested in what we are building, and enjoy collaborating with our stakeholders to make our product better.
  • You have a strong understanding of object-oriented design, and can speak to what makes for clean and maintainable code.
  • You have experience with:
    • Typescript.
    • React or an equivalent frontend framework. Experience with Redux and Next.js is also nice to have.
    • A modern object-oriented backend language such as Ruby or Python. Ruby/Rails experience is preferred, but we’re also happy to teach someone with strong frontend experience.
    • AWS, MySQL, and Docker - at least at a basic familiarity, as these are important parts of our stack.
If this is you - or even if this is mostly you - we'd love to hear from you!