Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

FetLife • Posted April 14th

Software Development
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At FetLife we are looking for an open-minded, kink-friendly Rails Developer to help us better serve the community.

At FetLife, you will be responsible for

  • Continuously implementing and deploying small and iterative improvements to FetLife
  • Working with product designers to find a balance between the ideal solution and the most impactful iterative improvement
  • Measuring the impact of changes against our measures of success
  • Working with our security, infrastructure, and performance team to keep FetLife tight
  • Communicating asynchronously with the team and the rest of the community
  • Keeping our codebase easy to maintain and easy for others to contribute code to
  • Monitoring your deployments for potential issues
  • Prioritizing and fixing bugs

Our Technology Stack

  • Rails monolith
  • Frontend being mostly Vue.js with TypeScript
  • Testing is done with RSpec & Capybara
  • Continuous integration and deployment done with Circle CI
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL for our main database
  • Redis for our activity feeds, session storage, queue management, and caching
  • ElasticSearch for full-text search
  • DevOps using Docker images orchestrated with Kubernetes and Helm
  • Service and performance monitoring is done with Datadog and NewRelic

You should have experience

  • Maintaining a production-level Ruby on Rails applications (4+ years)
  • Leading the implementation of larger projects
  • Writing semantic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Working with Redis and MySQL
  • Writing clear, concise, and performant code
  • Writing unit and integration tests
  • Continuously deploying code

Bonus if you have experience

  • Working productively on a small 100% remote team
  • Reasoning about software, algorithms, and performance from a high level
  • Writing SQL queries, beyond abstractions offered by Active Record
  • Navigating and understanding a large codebase
  • With technologies other than Ruby and Rails
  • Writing tests using Rspec and Capybara
  • With Javascript libraries including but not limited to: Vue.js
  • Reading and writing TypeScript
  • Maintaining infrastructure with Docker, Kubernetes, and Google Cloud
  • Working in an agile and/or lean environment
  • Shipping and maintaining open-source software

To be successful at FetLife, you need to be

  • Independent but also a team player
  • Self-motivated and have strong organizational skills
  • Vocal about your opinions but not married to them
  • Driven to learn and self-improve
  • A strong written communicator
  • Have core overlap hours from 8-12 AM EST (2-6 PM CET)

Bonus if you have a

  • Passion and eye for user experience and product design

At FetLife we

  • Are 100% remote, work from multiple time zones
  • Use Notion, Slack, and GitHub to collaborate
  • Are community driven and work both hard and smart

You can find our core values here.

Why work with FetLife

  • Have your work impact millions of people
  • Work with a great group of people from all over the world
  • Develop and grow as a Engineer
  • Gain a broader and deeper understanding of human sexuality and kink

More about FetLife

  • Largest kinky social network this side of the milky way
  • Have over 10 million members and growing
  • Grew 100% by word-of-mouth
  • Serve over 1.5 billion requests a day

How we hire

  • Everyone initially starts as either a part-time or full-time contractor
  • If over time we both believe it's a good fit, and you're interested in something more permanent, we then will make you a more permanent offer
  • Salary range for this position is $115k - $155k USD

How to apply

Send an email to [email protected]. In the email, please include:

  • Quick introduction about yourself
  • Tell us about 2-3 of your favourite projects you worked on
  • Link to your GitHub or GitLab account (if you have one)
  • Why you believe you are the right person for this role
  • Link to your LinkedIn profile -and/or- a copy of your resume in PDF format

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected]!