Senior Software Engineer • Posted April 4th

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Company Overview

We started BodesWell to provide the benefits of financial planning to the millions of households who don’t have access to this kind of help. We partner with the largest financial institutions in the world to bring this capability to people all over the world. Here’s a Techcrunch post about our launch with American Express.

Role Overview

We are seeking a Senior Software Engineer who can grow from individual contributor to leader of development teams. You will be responsible for many areas of our platform including defining and building secure infrastructure and processes relating to our customers’ financial data. You will also be developing services that provide this data to our customer-facing interface, creating a scalable architecture to support a growing customer base. This will involve automating cloud services as well as product development.


  • Develop software individually and in collaboration with the rest of the team

  • Create architecture for securing customer data and application access to it

  • Help define algorithms for financial forecasting and modeling

  • Work at DevOps and Application levels to create a secure and scalable product

  • Contribute wisdom to the organization - help define our culture

  • Think like an entrepreneur and own your work - be responsible for your code

  • Make wise decisions and constant progress, unafraid to throw away old work

Skills and Experience

  • You have at least a BS in Computer Science or equivalent

  • You have been writing software professionally at least eight years

  • You have experience automating cloud server deployments

  • You understand principles of application and data security

  • You have a knack for understanding complex algorithms and applying them

  • You are experienced giving code reviews and technical design feedback, with opinions on coding practices and methodologies.

  • You have been a leader of software development teams

  • You have built systems and software for securing private data

  • You are able to define complex SQL queries and data schema definitions

  • You are able to develop in modern programming languages such as Kotlin

    What you can expect from us

  • You will have an enthusiastic and supportive team working with you

  • You will work with a senior, accomplished team that is constantly improving our craft

  • We will encourage any effort you make to excel professionally

  • We will provide the tools you need to move quickly and make informed decisions

  • We hope to learn as much from you as you do from us.

Guiding Principles of BodesWell Engineering

As a way of giving you a sense of what your manager will expect in this role, here are Bernie’s principles of software engineering:

1) You Own it

  • Influence product decisions to help improve product and for faster iteration

  • Shipping is not success, it is a milestone.  Does it work for the intended audience? Have you looked? You own quality.

  • If it's worth doing, it's worth measuring. Use data to measure the success of your work and the product as a whole

2) Don’t get Stuck

  • 15 minutes max stuck time then seek help

  • Track down answers, don’t wait for them, be proactive

  • Try chat rooms before interrupting others directly, but don't be afraid of asking for help with simple problems

3) Speed with Quality

  • Discuss designs, make sure you're on the right track

  • Compromise features, not quality. Create tickets for cleaning up hacks, and commit time to fix

  • Logging, monitoring, alerting… know when something goes wrong

4) Get Help / Give Help

  • Keep asking, everyone is committed to making you successful

  • Help others make smart decisions through code reviews, design advice, feedback, and wisdom

  • Everyone’s success depends on your success

5) Over-communicate

  • Product, stakeholders, peers, and managers all need to know things

  • Delays, heads-up, potential problems, … no surprises

  • Be thoughtful about communicating with employees in different locations and time zones

Culture Fit

At BodesWell, we believe in diversity and equal opportunity for all people. We do not discriminate against candidates on the basis of age, disability, gender assignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity.

We believe that a culture of diversity enables personal and professional growth where we all learn from each other. We believe in an open culture where ideas are shared candidly and where there is no fear of wrong decisions, but rather an understanding that we must make imperfect choices and learn so that we are constantly improving.