Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer for Australian Art Marketplace Bluethumb | Fully Remote

Bluethumb • Posted August 10th

Software Development
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We run a calm, sharp business and also know how to have fun while doing what we do. We're a team of 25+ art and tech loving team members - based in Aus and around the world (Singapore, NZ, Italy, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and the US).

We are a tech-first company in the art space and leverage our tech (and build new things) to bring the best for Aussie artists (and collectors).

We're looking for a (Mid-Senior) full-stack Ruby and Rails developer to join us in delivering awesome tech to Aussie artists.

Our ideal new team-mate has 2 years+ of production Ruby on Rails experience, and has at least 4-5 hours working hours overlap with Australia.


Bluethumb is an online art marketplace for Australian artists to sell their work directly from their studios. They paint and upload, we sell and manage logistics, they get paid. We like to keep things simple - and for that, we're loved by our artists and collectors.

We started in 2012 and were online-only until 2018 when we opened our first Bricks and Mortar gallery in Melbourne, and then another in Adelaide.

We set our targets in terms of goals we'd like to achieve for us, for the artists and the collectors, and build tech around it.


About the team

We're a good team (as that matters). No internal politics, hurdles or clashes.

The product and dev team is a close-knit team of 9 (including PM, QA and the Devs). 'Higher management' doesn't set unrealistic KPIs for the team. We believe in delivering a good product. We support each other and have open discussions before starting each project (and as we go along). Meetings when needed - and slack all the way!

We're distributed across Aus, NZ, Singapore, Japan, Russia and Indonesia.

Our tech team has been working remotely since 2015 - so we're well versed in remote working and the flexibility that comes with it.

We run 3 week sprints (2 development weeks + 1 code-freeze and QA week), and run 1 standup every week to report on the sprints.


About the tech

All our developers are full-stack and get really varied new experience; with a mix of front-end (solid level Vanilla and Vue.js), back-end (Ruby, Rails, Hanami), and DevOps (Docker Swarm/AWS), doing short sprints and bigger projects. Our ideal candidate:

– Ruby on Rails savvy

– Confident using Slim templates engine, CSS/SCSS/Tailwind, Vanilla JS/UJS/Vue.js

– Has production experience with Elasticsearch and Postgres

– Can demonstrate an advanced level of rspec usage

– Familiar with giving and taking code reviews

– Comfortable with occasional pair programming

– Ready to adjust to development guidelines



You can be anywhere but ideally with at least 5 hours overlap (please check for comparison). We have offices in Adelaide & Melbourne, so bonus points if you are in either of these two cities.


2 years of traceable production Ruby on Rails experience (boot camps are not considered as such). To succeed in this role, along with Ruby and Rails, you will be confident and experienced in front-end development. Knowledge in DevOps, QA, or Data Science is a plus.


Other important things

- Team fit is really important, so you are friendly and easy going - and occassionally host a trivia night online (we all take turns)

- You have read about Bluethumb and taken the time to know as much as you can before submitting your application.

- We'd like to see examples of software you've written - the actual code. We understand the full copy might be difficult to share - so snippets are fine.

- You should be open to a routine code refactoring exercise before we move on to a face to face interview.


  • Building awesome tech - front end, backend.
  • Your work has a social impact, and benefits Aussie artists making their living with their art.
  • Work in a fun, friendly & trusting team.
  • Regular team trivia and v-hangouts.
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible working hours
  • Balanced workload
  • No bureaucracy
  • Unlimited room for growth

No recruiter applications or agencies please!