Senior Frontend Engineer (React)

Gridics • Posted August 12th

Software Development
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To be the source of record of parcel zoning data for every municipality everywhere in order to help plan, develop and build better communities.

About Us

At Gridics, our technology, products, data and people are helping build better cities. To achieve this, we developed the ability to determine the development allowance for every parcel of a municipality according to their legal zoning ordinance. In doing so, our technology establishes the first ever zoning parcel record dataset, giving municipal staff, developers, investors and architects real-time access to parcel specific development allowance calculations and data.

About the Role: The Senior Frontend Engineer will be responsible for designing, developing, deploying and supporting various frontend applications. This position will be an instrumental player in advancing the Gridics platform and supporting our enterprise customers. This position will contribute to multiple projects, while also coordinating with geographically distributed Agile teams.

Ideal Candidate: The position requires a highly motivated individual with rich professional experience and a desire to delight users. The ideal candidate will have extensive frontend experience in large-scale React application development and be highly proficient in delivering high quality, cross-browser web applications across both desktop and mobile.


  • Design, build, and support both new and existing frontend applications written on top of React.
  • Create code that is organized, testable, and easy to maintain.
  • Work closely with both product and engineering to refine requirements and solve UI/UX challenges.
  • Deliver on time and be accountable to your team and stakeholders.
Basic Qualifications:

  • Have 8+ years professional experience building frontend web applications, with significant experience building single page applications.
  • Proficiency in JavaScript and HTML/CSS.
  • Experience in React, both with Redux/Sagas and Hooks. (Must have 3+ years experience)
  • Experience with large-scale state management and performance optimization.
  • Have a strong understanding of HTTP and working with APIs.
  • Proficiency in Git, NPM, Webpack and Docker.
  • Have a penchant for quality, testing and shipping consistently.
Bonus, but not required:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering, or equivalent.
  • Experience with Material Design, Bootstrap, or similar framework.
  • Experience with mapping and vector tiles (Mapbox, Cesium, Leaflet, etc).
  • Experience producing PDF reports with complex styling.
  • Experience WYSIWYG text editors like TinyMCE or CKEditor.
  • Experience with automated UI testing and CI/CD.
About Gridics

Software engineers at Gridics solve complex challenges surrounding land development analysis, visualization and prediction at scale. Leading urban planning and zoning teams deploy Gridics to better serve their community members, while real estate brokers, investors and industry thought leaders leverage Gridics to aid in large-scale site selection and scenario planning. Our data and applications enable our users to make smarter, data-driven decisions when analyzing complex land development problems.