Head of Engineering

BOSS Startup Science • Posted December 13th

Software Development
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BOSS Startup Science Culture & Values
As the first engineering hire, your habits, beliefs, and work style will have a substantial impact in defining the engineering team’s culture.  Our company values aim to create an inclusive environment where strong opinions can be loosely held, comfortably communicated, and everyone is open to changing their mind.  Additionally, we are a remote-only company where strong documentation and written communication are a core part of how we operate.
  • Customers First & Last
    • From empathy during a feedback session, to celebrating a customer achieving their objective, we put customers first - we're here for the long haul.
  • Set Others Up For Success
    • We do the right thing, the right way, and expect others to do the same - by being aware of everyone’s objectives, not just our own, and acting so that everyone will be successful.
  • Important Over Urgent
    • We delay present day gratification for long term results, focusing on the important over the urgent, and remember we are the sum of our collective choices.
  • Details Differentiate
    • Sweating the small stuff differentiates the mediocre from the exceptional. There is elegance in simplicity.
  • Principle Over Position
    • We debate and reason from first principles, never title or position, and always reserve the right to question what is accepted as the “right” answer.
  • Have Fun!
    • We enjoy what we do, and if we aren’t having fun, we adjust and adapt.
About the Role

The Head of Engineering is responsible for leading development of the BOSS Startup Science software platform, BOSSWARE. This role will report directly to the CEO alongside the Head of Product, and will be responsible for creating the technical vision for the platform as well as implementing that vision alongside the engineering team. This is a high-visibility role with significant runway for personal and professional growth.

  • Unlimited vacation policy 
  • Competitive stock option package
  • Competitive cash compensation
  • Remote-only team and culture
Primary Responsibilities
  • Produce elegant, documented, functional code that drives business results
  • Lead, and recruit, additional engineering contributors reporting directly to you
  • Create and maintain best of breed engineering practices and policies, including but not limited to, application security, peer code reviews, backup and recovery strategies, error reporting, CI/CD, etc.
  • Collaborate with Product Management, and other departments, to understand customer needs and put them first
Tech Stack
  • We do not seek to reinvent the wheel, especially when compelling open source or 3rd party packages can be utilized. We focus narrowly on where we can deliver business value to our customers. 
  • Core Stack
    • Laravel – PHP framework
    • Alpine.JS – JS framework
    • TailwindUI – Front End UI framework
    • Docker – Container management
    • Forge – Server Management 
    • Digital Ocean – Hosting
    • Github & Github Actions – Code collaboration and management
    • Auth0 – Identity management
  • Additional 3rd Party Tools
    • Sendgrid – Transactional email and communication
    • Cloudflare – Domain, DNS, Etc.
    • Bugsnag – Application monitoring
    • JIRA & JIRA Plan – Spring planning and roadmap creation
    • Sleekplan – Customer feedback management. 
    • IDE – Your choice!
  • Qualifications
    • Core Experience - At least 4+ years of software engineering experience, preferably managing a team or individual contributors
    • Fullstack - Experience with both front end and back end engineering efforts on BSS’s tech stack (or desire to learn / equivalent)
    • Remote - At least 2+ years of experience effectively working in a remote role
    • Mission - Believe in BOSS Startup Science’s mission to help improve the startup ecosystem and help startup founders everywhere succeed.
    • Values – Alignment with the values each one of us ascribe to