Teaching Engineer (Java)

Onramp • Posted April 28th

Software Development
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Role Description 👩🏾‍💻👨‍💻
Onramp apprenticeships are unique because we provide all apprentices with four weeks of in-depth, project-based training using the Client’s engineering tools and technology stack. This is where you come in. 

As our Teaching Engineer, you’ll play a vital role in ensuring we send amazing apprentices to our Clients. You’ll guide the apprentices through one month of remote, project-based training. The apprentices work collaboratively to build a product utilizing the technologies and tools from their sponsoring companies to simulate a real-world working environment. 

The Details ⏱🗒
As our Fullstack Teaching Engineer, you will lead learning experiences for one cohort of 4 fullstack apprentices preparing to work at our client company. 

Teaching Period
Apprentices may work from any part of the United States, but will be required to be available (at a minimum) during core Pacific Time hours of 9:00 am -  2:00 pm PT (excluding meal and rest breaks). We expect a teaching engineer to also be available for five of these core hours per day doing a mix of standups, workshops, and group, pair, and one-on-one support sessions as needed. You will be in charge of setting your exact working hours as long as they fall within this timeframe. 

Here is a breakdown of the dates and expected time commitment for this role:

ASAP - Apr 12: Orientation, Help build technical assessment and technical interview  for upcoming application (est. 5-10 hrs/week)

Apr 12 - May 9: Technical Interviewing period for candidates (Conduct 30-minute technical interviews, est. 15-20 hrs/week), Help build training month project and prep materials

May 9  - May 15: Grade finalist take-home projects in preparation for their remote training month (est. 15 hours/week)

May 16 - Jun 12: Build Training Month program for apprentices (est. 5 hrs/week)

Jun 13 - Jul 8: Lead Teaching Engineer for 4 weeks leading training month (est. 15-20 hrs/week)

Day-To-Day Responsibilities 👩🏽‍🏫🤹🏾‍♂️👩🏿‍💻
Collaborate with Director of Programs on programmatic needs
Provide technical support to the apprentices
Mentor apprentices through the design and implementation of a Web Application
Conduct code reviews of pull requests
Provide emotional and professional support through the use of 1:1s
Help apprentices prepare and demo their final project to the client

Desired Technical Skills🌟
Technical Background: proficiency in fullstack development, ideally with experience with Java, Angular, React.js, AWS, and Unit Testing. 
Team Management: Lead an Agile development process with a team, including sprint planning, reviews, and retrospectives
Tool Familiarity: Git, GitHub, Jira, Slack, G Suite Apps 
Ability to help others: Tutoring, mentoring, or teaching experience
Curriculum experience: Technical curriculum development a plus
Presentation Skills: Experience presenting technical talks, workshops, or tutorials at conferences, meetups, or schools

Hourly compensation is based on experience in both learning facilitation, curriculum development, project lead competency, and technical proficiency.