Mobile Developer / Swift / Kotlin Engineer

Chalkboard • Posted August 11th

Software Development
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45-55k GBP / 55-70k USD

We’re looking for an experienced mobile developer to join our remote team. Here’s all you need to know:

🖥️ STACK: Swift and Kotlin for our mobile apps. GraphQL between our apps and the backend. Backend is Node.js, TypeScript, and PostgreSQL. We host with Heroku.

🤬 SDKs YOU’LL SWEAR AT: RevenueCat (for subscriptions), MixPanel (for analytics) and Firebase (for user notifications).

📱 PRODUCT: iOS and Android native mobile apps that allow anyone to instantly add a second work number to any phone. Keep work separate, your personal number private, and share calls and texts with your team. Check out to learn more.

👨‍💻 THE JOB: Mobile developer working on our native iOS and Android apps. Competent in Swift, Kotlin, or both.

🏡 REMOTE?: Yes, fully remote working (UK & Europe). If you’d like to work from a local co-working space, we offer a 250 GBP (350 USD) a month allowance.

💷 FOR YOU: Great salary (45-55k GBP / 55-70k USD depending on your experience level), 25 days off + public holidays, MacBook Pro or BYOD allowance.

🍕 TEAM: Small but mighty experienced, there’s 14 of us (and growing fast!).

🚀 FUTURE GOALS: We see a world with thousands of teams around the world using Chalkboard to communicate with customers and each other. On the move, in retail locations, out in the real world.

👋 FOUNDER: We’re headed up by John Jackson, who has already built and sold 2 tech businesses. We are funded directly by John’s investments so we’re in full financial control.

👌 TECH PRINCIPLES: We have a mature test suite and endeavour to maintain it as part of our development process. All code changes are peer reviewed. We think the best features are a result of tight collaboration between product and engineering. We use the best tools for the job, but they need to be proven.

🚧 DEV PROCESS: Each feature moves through product design, architecture, development, testing, and release, in a Kanban-style workflow that we manage in a tool called Shortcut.

🖤 PRODUCT PRINCIPLES: Focus on user experience, convention over configuration, accessible to everyone, low touch high volume, no jargon.

✅ MUST HAVES: Commercial experience as software engineer (5+ years), Kotlin or Swift (competent, 3+ years), MVVM/MVVM-C (proficient), dependency injection (proficient).

✅ IDEALLY: GraphQL (proficient), automated testing (proficient).

🙋 HOW WE HIRE: With respect for your time, and transparency. First some simple technical questions, then a first interview, next a short own-time challenge that takes no more than a few hours, and then a final interview.

🥇 TO SUM UP: Join a financially secure start up, with a grand plan, a small but experienced team, quality tech, sound technical principles, and a well-written codebase. Help millions of small and local businesses to operate, grow, and thrive.

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, we can't wait to hear from you!