Senior Frontend Developer

PSPDFKit • Posted October 24th

Software Development
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What you will do...

  • Contribute to the development of products used by millions of people every day
  • Build new features and fix existing issues on a regular schedule
  • Develop UI and UX according to specifications and design concepts
  • Write readable and well-documented code
  • Collaborate with a company distributed in more than 20 countries using Slack, GitHub, and Zoom as main communication and collaboration tools
  • Manage your work by setting your own goals, prioritizing and executing them, and ultimately taking ownership of tasks and projects
  • Innovate using the latest front-end technologies, frameworks, and approaches.

About You...

  • Be familiar with JavaScript and its ecosystem of tools and packages (some of the tools we use are React, TypeScript, webpack, and WebAssembly)
  • Be familiar with the web technology stack (e.g. HTTP, WebSockets, cookies, DOM, CSS, and the browser as a platform)
  • Have a breadth-first approach to software engineering, looking outside the Web platform when needed (e.g. command-line tools, theorem provers, or other programming languages) to learn what’s needed to do your best work
  • Have a strong interest in designing and maintaining a set of cohesive public APIs, always striving for simplicity and composability
  • Have good communication skills and enjoy working with a passionate team, while understanding the challenges of working on a distributed team
  • Have a well-rounded approach to problem solving, and understand the difference between when to apply a fix and when to refactor to remove a specific class of bugs
  • Understand the value of changes in the larger context of the business and the product’s customer
  • Have a good command of English for writing documentation and occasional blog posts, and provide direct support to our customers