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Ready Alliance • Posted July 26th

Software Development
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Role Description

Official Title:   Full Stack Developer

Reporting Mgr:  Development and IT Manager

Functional Mgr: Vice President of Operations

Salary:  Exempt employment commensurate with skills and experience.

Hours: Employee is expected to be responsible for their own hours and set their schedule as dictated by current tasks/projects, along with the team they are currently assisting/leading. While the Full Stack Developer should aim to complete all responsibilities and accountabilities within a 40-hour work week, this position may include frequent weeks exceeding 40 hours per week. You aim to seek a true work-life balance and stress the importance of this to your fellow co-workers. No more than 55 hours in a 7-day period is to be worked unless agreed upon in advance.Work hours will be scheduled Monday through Friday (7:30 to 5:00 MST)

Location: The Full Stack Developer will be 100 % Remote. This is subject to change in the future depending on productivity, desired work environment, direct management availability, and business needs.

To apply please Email your resume to : [email protected] 

Role Overview

Ready Alliance Group is a quickly growing company in the emergency preparedness space. To support the growth of our brands we are in urgent need of a dynamic Full stack Developer who can adapt to rapid change and diverse needs. The ideal candidate will have experience with microservice architecture in AWS and python for supporting e-commerce based systems. 


We’re looking for someone with experience in business intelligence, analytics, data science and data products. They must have strong, firsthand technical expertise in a variety of configuration management and big data technologies and the proven ability to fashion robust scalable solutions that can manage large data sets. They must be at ease working in an agile environment with little supervision. This person should embody a passion for continuous improvement and test-driven development.


Required Operational Knowledge & Skills

The following innate skills and traits are required to be successful in this role. The following are listed in priority order and should serve as the approach to be successful in this position.

·       An extreme level of patience and grace towards your job, frequent changes/pivots, senior management, and other employees/teams.  Ready Alliance Group operates at an extremely insane pace.

·       Extreme attention to details, pride in your work, and the determination not to make the same mistakes twice. Ability to never accept the status quo and always aim to learn, improve, and grow through your projects, tasks, and responsibilities.

·       2+ years backend; Python experience required

·       Serverless framework preferred

·       Relational databases; PostgreSQL, MySQL

·       Some frontend preferred; HTML, CSS, JS and SPA frameworks (React preferred)

·       Middleware for high volume eCommerce systems

·       Shopify, ShipStation API experience a plus

·       AWS, Heroku

·       Willingness to jump in and serve with a positive and eager attitude wherever is urgently needed, even when far outside of the typical accountabilities of the role.  This could include assisting in shipping, kitting, manufacturing, marketing, general admin, etc.  

·       Working knowledge of online tools including, but not limited to, Google Drive/Docs/Sheets, Zoom, Dropbox, Office, and Slack.



·      401(k) with matching 

·      Dental and Health

·      PTO 

·      Employee discounts 

·      Holidays off

·      Advancement opportunities