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Etch • Posted June 14th

Software Development
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Since setting out in 2012, Etch has worked with dozens of startups and multinational companies to design and engineer software

We establish long-term relationships with clients to help them improve and maintain their online services.

We work closely with large teams to design and build web apps and design systems, including:
  • An Angular design system used by a team of 50+ developers, to develop multiple front-end apps, for 6 different brands and millions of end-users.
  • A Vue component library, including assistance with integration. We work closely with the internal development team to support the UIs use in multiple apps and countries.
  • A suite of apps and widgets used by a UK sustainability charity.
  • A suite of apps for a company in the accountancy industry. Over 40,000 users a month depend on this software to achieve their goals.


We're looking for someone with solid skills and experience in building web software. You'll be working on problem-solving products that are used by millions of people.
  • You are someone who enjoys the endless endeavour of creating and improving user interfaces.
  • You have experience in one or more of these libraries and frameworks: Vue, Angular, or React.
  • You build interfaces that look great on any screen size and can be used with keyboard, touch, or mouse input.
  • You have knowledge of the latest techniques and technology used to develop SPAs and PWAs.
  • You always consider user journeys, states and interactions when building views.
  • You care about the fundamentals of the web — accessibility, usability, performance.
  • You strive to write robust, maintainable, future-friendly code.

On a daily basis you’ll be:
  • Gathering information to understand new requirements.
  • Building reusable components.
  • Creating interface views and states.
  • Testing and refining interactions.
  • Communicating progress with clients.

You’ll also spend some time:
  • Fixing bugs, updating and maintaining codebases.
  • Contributing to proposals for new projects.
  • Scoping features and planning sprints.


Work remotely
Canterbury (near London) is our hometown, but we’re a distributed team so you can work from anywhere in the UK and benefit from flexible hours.

Hangout with the team
We arrange quarterly meet-ups to bring everyone together and hang out for a few days.

Relax and unplug
It’s important that we step away from the screen. We work 4-day weeks in the summer, we take an extra week off at Christmas, and everyone is entitled to a paid sabbatical when they decide that they need to unplug.

Learn and improve
Each member of the team gets a “betterment budget” to pay for conference trips and books, or improve their workspace with new furniture and tech.


Send us an email to introduce yourself and explain why you think a role at Etch would suit you.
  • Position: Front-end Developer
  • Location: UK
  • Contract: Full-time, permanent
  • Salary: £28,000 to £35,000 (+profit share)

Please only apply if…
  • You are a UK resident — as much as we’d like to fish in a bigger talent pool, we can’t hire anyone from outside of the UK due to employment laws.
  • You have 2 years of industry experience — we need someone who can get up to speed quickly and is already familiar with the end-to-end process of shipping software.