Senior Frontend Engineer

SitePoint • Posted May 27th

Software Development
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SitePoint, the internationally renowned digital education platform for developers, is seeking a Senior Front­ End Engineer to join its team. We’re a passionate group of web people dedicated to building industry­ leading content enjoyed by other web people worldwide. This role’s objective is to create quality software that helps us to do that.i

We’re looking for someone with a passion for development and for writing beautiful code. You will join a team of amazing developers working in a fast paced environment to deliver world class software across a number of different platforms. Good internet connection is required.

SitePoint is one of the world’s most highly­ trafficked websites and online communities for web professionals,  web developers, designers, and entrepreneurs alike. We have been in operation for 20 years, have spun out several well known online businesses, and continue to grow our audience and reach on a global scale with our quality content and online resources.

  • Work closely with our product/Engineering manager and our strategy team to introduce features and improvements to our existing platforms.
  • Build web applications to scale using JavaScript (React framework), HTML, CSS, NextJS, GatsbyJS
  • Join the team in following best practices for continuous integration, refactoring, code standards and Agile principles for software development.
  • Contribute to all phases of the development lifecycle from planning to release.
  • Perform maintenance (bug fixing and upgrades) on our educational platform (Rails with HAML + React + NextJS), our Gatsby blog and our Discourse community platform.
  • Share responsibility with the team for responding to alerts and maintaining uptime, occasionally after hours.
  • Work with our back­end developers to bring end to end solutions into production.

  • Professional experience (5+ years) as a Front­ End Engineer.
  • 3+ Years React experience.
  • High level Javascript and ES6 skills.
  • Strong knowledge of front end technologies (HTML, JS, CSS, Templating engines, Front­end frameworks)
  • Can write quality HTML code that is SEO friendly.
  • Good understanding of AWS products and services (lambda, ECR, EC2).
  • Excellent Git and GitHub skills.
  • Ability to review other people's code and provide constructive feedback.
  • Able to work with non technical team members to explain issues and communicate progress.
  • Be good with people, technical language, and have robust written and verbal communication skills.
  • Be a self starter but enjoy collaborating with others.
  • Be focused on outcomes and feel rewarded by solving problems.
  • Experience with gatsbyJS and/or NextJS will be highly regarded.

  • Based in Manila or a similar Timezone