Senior Developer - React/Ruby

BalancedComp • Posted June 7th

Software Development
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We are only considering US-based individuals available for full-time, non-contract work. 


We're looking for a senior developer to join our team and work on our trilogy of large-scale applications and a handful of microservices, making them faster, more scalable, up-to-date, and fault-tolerant. Is able to advocate for code quality as a long-term strategic investment while knowing when to adopt a more flexible,  short-term approach to deliver rapid business value. Acts as a mentor for the team.

Major Duties

  • Builds and optimizes RESTful apis with documentation.
  • Drive architecture and implementation decisions.
  • Ensures end-to-end automated test coverage (with documentation) using various testing frameworks. Experience with rspec, jest, and cypress preferred.
  • Mentors other engineers. Conducts thorough and communicative code reviews. Participates in and provides recommendations on our weekly training sessions. Suggests larger, annual training opportunities.
  • Stays abreast of developments in web applications, programming languages, and the latest techniques and trends. Makes substantiated recommendations for when to update various packages and tools.
  • Partners with our front-end developer to implement designs and improve the workflow from the Creative department to Development implementation.

Knowledge & Skills

Extensive backend and systems architecture experience required. Experience with Rails preferred. Major javascript or node frameworks including, but not limited to, React, VUE, Angular, etc. Experience efficiently querying and optimizing databases. ORM and writing SQL experience preferred Experience containerizing applications (Docker). Some Dev Ops experience with Heroku, AWS, CI/CO.