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Stemacteren.nl • Posted January 4th

Software Development
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Stemacteren.nl is looking for a top-notch Full Stack Developer who will help to further develop our awesome websites and web apps and to make them even better user-friendly for our students. One that helps us build our cool brand, grows our company, and goes along with it just as hard.

WTF is Stemacteren.nl? 
Stemacteren.nl is the market leader in workshops for training voice actors and voice-overs: after our training they excel in TV and radio commercials, in corporate films or in animation series. We are a young and fast-growing company, and we want to give our students the coolest experience of their lives. We do this from our 'Moulin Rouge' studios and theaters in Amsterdam, Leiden and Utrecht (the Netherlands), and soon also internationally.

Working on our 🧠 and our ❤️
The brain and beating heart of our company are our (self-developed) CRM system and our student module. The CRM system is the central place where everything that has to do with our workshops and students can be found and adjusted and offers us the opportunity to follow hundreds of students per year in their development into voice actors.

The Student Module is a state-of-the-art digital classroom that students can access, including access to preparatory teaching materials, where they watch videos, and submit recorded homework assignments for assessment.

We have been continuously improving our brains and heart for more than eight years (!) - so you won't be just working on a simple website or a 3rd party CRM tool. But one that has been really well-thought-out, that we built ourselves and to which new clever features are added every week. Long live technology!

The Job

Improve usability, stability, and security
You are investigating options for making our websites more user-friendly. Think of 'That one button here ensures less confusion' or 'Submitting homework assignments can be made much easier and clearer by doing this'.

• You are working on the stability of our websites. Hundreds of students per week use our sites almost any time of the day. It should always work the way we intended it to. And if we do go down, you'll make sure we're back online in no time.

• You ensure that our websites are safe, you work on a smart backup strategy and you ensure that hackers stay away.

Developing new (and smart) functionality
• You develop new functionality and tools that are useful for our students, our teaching team, our audio technicians and our marketing and sales people. Things like:  “How can this be done smarter and better?”

• You'll make a technical translation of our vision that learning should be fun and attractive. Everything, including our websites, must be 'cool' and easy to operate. Because we are Apple, but for novice voice-overs and voice actors.

Working on scalability

 •  You;ll work on the technical feasibility of our plans for the future. Without giving too much away (hello, competition!) our sites should be easily scalable and usable by many more students, teachers and other human beings.

• You'll build cool new products and new websites. More about that when we talk. #nda-alert

Minimal Qualifications

• We are looking for a person with about 4 years of professional experience as a PHP developer (OOP). We don't think your education level is that relevant. Your experience, skills and drive are.

• You have a cheerful humor, bursting with energy, and you have the same drive for awesomeness. We may be a small company, but we have big ambitions.

• Fluent in English (written and spoken). But, wanneer je Nederlands spreekt is dat een BIG PLUS. (enter Google Translate)

• You like freedom in your work. After your Stemacteren.nl integration course, you will know for yourself what you need to be well-integrated and to do your job well. You like to work together if you have to, and run your own shop if you can. The web developers who previously worked on the sites will remain available as a fallback plan for all your questions in the near future.

• You like to take initiative. You see opportunities, discuss them, and work them out.

• You're not afraid of 'Hey, can you have this new feature online next week?'

• You have experience with (relational) databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.

• You have knowledge of one or more PHP frameworks such as Laravel or Symfony, preferably CodeIgniter.

• You have excellent knowledge of HTML, (S)CSS and JavaScript.

• You have affinity with UX design.

What do you get?

• An employment contract for one year, with a view to a permanent contract.

• A competitive salary.

• Work from anywhere in the world (as long as we can reach you #tropicalislands)

• Amsterdam - where our HQs are - you'll always have a place to stay when visiting our little country.

• High degree of autonomy: a lot of freedom for your own plans.

• Training budget to follow training courses to get better in what you do or to attend professional conferences.