Staff Frontend Software Engineer

Cube Software • Posted August 3rd

Software Development
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About Us
Cube is a next-generation financial planning & analytics platform that enables finance teams and businesses to make smarter, faster decisions. Our software reduces the 75% of efforts finance teams spend manually transforming & re-keying data in spreadsheets by connecting disparate financial & operational data sources into a central version of truth. Cube reduces errors associated with manual planning and empowers cross-functional leaders to seamlessly collaborate and manage data workflow. By providing add-ons to one’s spreadsheet of choice (Excel, Google Sheets), our intuitive interface eliminates the need for a lengthy / costly implementation or extensive training.

The Role
Cube is looking for experienced Frontend software engineers to help us engineer our applications that interact with various spreadsheets and enable finance teams to work more efficiently. This role will deal heavily with building React components, various state management between those components, and manipulating data on spreadsheets. It will also consist of taking mockups and designs put forth by the greater Product & Engineering team overall and making them a reality.

Our goal as a company is to create an extremely simple and straightforward product in an industry (Financial Planning and Analysis, FP&A) that deals with complex data and modeling. We are looking for hardworking and intelligent individuals, whose humility, communication skills, and general demeanor make them great teammates.


  • Contribute to the design, implementation and refactoring of multiple JavaScript applications
  • Drive collaborative planning focused on performance, scalability, and observability
  • Participate and support engineers throughout the entire software development lifecycle
  • Continuously assess and champion new technologies to enhance observability and stability


  • Strong understanding of the JavaScript language
  • Experience engineering UIs with React
  • Experience managing state with Redux and Sagas
  • Experience practicing test-driven development
  • Excellent communication, strong analytical, problem solving, and debugging skills


  • Experience working with functional programming concepts
  • Experience working within a monorepo and microservices architecture
  • Experience with GraphQL and REST APIs
  • Experience with styled-components or similar css-in-js system