Automated Test Developer - QA

Falkbuilt • Posted April 18th

Software Development
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Falkbuilt is a technology driven start-up venture. Founders include Mogens Smed and Barrie Loberg. With digital intelligence we will revolutionize the construction industry. Our work leverages the video game experience while making it real with data to build the physical replica of the virtual.
Falkbuilt is based in Calgary, Canada (MST), we have a top-shelf team of developers to implement a state-of-the-art platform. It is a small, tight, clean-coding group of professionals. This position is open for remote work from the comfort of your own home in any time zone from the Pacific coast of North America east to Europe.
We are looking for a QA focused developer to help write and maintain automated integration and end-to-end tests for a variety of products. Where necessary manual tests may be performed. We are looking for someone who enjoys breaking things.
Write automated integration tests to connect cloud based services to web-apps, mobile, and desktop apps.
Deploy and manage those tests on our CI/CD.
Performing manual tests where automated tests are not possible or practical.
Focused edge-case and exception testing. A real knack for breaking things.
Confirm and assist in triaging bug reports.
Friendly helpful nature for when we need to interface with users to gather bug requirements.

Demonstrable experience in writing tests in Javascript/Typescript for both frontend/backend systems.
Experience with Cypress framework.
Experience writing tests in C# for our plug-in products.
Experience with CI/CD pipelines.
Experience testing RESTful applications.
Expert understanding of mocking complex services and knowing when it is appropriate.
Focused on software quality assurance and test automation.
Excited about doing real things, like programming for a real factory.
Ability to work with multiple technologies with the capacity to pick up new ones as required.
Willing to take pride in the product testing of our company.

Our Frontend is:
Web-apps (50%)
Mobile (30%)
Autodesk products (20%)

Bonus Points: 
Familiarity Autodesk tools like Revit and Inventor.
Experience with 3D game technologies.
A small but critical module in our stack is written in C++. Familiarity with that language is a bonus.
Experience in the construction industry, shop drawings, architectural drawings, etc.