Dev Tools & OSS Architect

Bit • Posted June 4th

Software Development
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Passionate about OSS and dev tools?

Love to build tools for the builders?
Experts in compilers? bundlers? JS or CSS? Experienced with OSS work and methods? We always want team members like you!

Working at Bit requires rethinking existing paradigms, bleeding-edge technological challenges, and innovation in various areas such as Compilers, code reuse, developer tooling, module registries, generic rendering, CI product, VCS internals, and more.

  • Being part of the bleeding edge of the software technology industry.
  • Be part of the development of a revolutionary open-source project
  • Influence on core product
  • Direct interactions with lead dev-tools and OSS communities to cooperate.

  • Passionate about software paradigms, dev tools, ecosystems, and open source
  • +3 years in technical leading position (team lead, architect, technical lead, etc.)
  • Familiar with micro-frontends concepts and work
  • Expert with JS (more than 1 framework) (advantage)
  • Contributed to one or more open-source projects
  • Deep understanding of CI process (advantage)
  • Experience with building development-related tools (advantage)
  • Experience with building compilers / parsers / transformers (advantage)
  • Experience working with Bit (big advantage)