Electron Open-Source Developer - Full-Time Paid


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“Basically what we're looking for is someone who can be our engineer, who works on and contributes to the electron project. Our Electron expert.”

For example, Electron has a current, long-running bug which is critical for us but not critical for the community at large: #12027. Fixing that bug requires that you understand Electron and its internals and hack at the underlying Chromium layer which is in C++.

This is an opportunity to be a full-time open-source contributor to the Electron project, as an employee with us at ChartIQ. You’ll be part of a product team. We rely on Electron; it’s a critical foundation to Finsemble, our platform for building enterprise HTML5 desktop applications. You’ll prioritize and implement improvements upstream to Electron, to support Finsemble in providing multi-application, multi-window deployments with interprocess communications that integrate otherwise disparate applications into a seamless unified experience.

About ChartIQ

ChartIQ is a high-growth startup with $20M+ in Series B funding, offering the dynamism of a startup with the stability that comes with success. We build frameworks and libraries for enterprise developers. In other words, we build the tools for people who build things. For USA-based employees, we offer very competitive salaries, medical/dental/vision coverage, generous vacation time, and flexible work hours.

How To Get an Interview


  • A cover letter that explains why you are (1) specifically interested in Electron and ChartIQ and (2) well-suited to be a full-time open-source contributor.
  • A resume that includes (1) your relevant professional experience and (2) links to code samples, technical articles/posts, pull requests, and other examples of your work.
  • A code sample which makes you particularly proud.