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MailerLite • Posted June 17th

Software Development
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MailerSend is a cloud-based transactional email service built for developers, but designed so that entire team, including designers, project managers and marketing people can use it.

We are looking for a seasoned Laravel developer to join our lean mean machine of a team and help us improve & scale our product.

Why MailerSend?

Wondering why we think you’ll love working with MailerSend? Here are 6 reasons!

  1. You won’t be bored
    We are building a world-class email (and in the future, other channels) cloud communications platform and already have 3k+ active clients and send 15m+ emails per month. And we’re just beginning.

  2. You'll be challenged with interesting tasks
    As we grow, we are facing various challenges that require involvement from the whole team, and from you, as a developer - sharp mind, fast decision making and great technical skill set. So you bet, challenges are always ahead.

  3. You'll take ownership
    We don’t micromanage and try not to interrupt your work with random tasks. We do expect you to take full responsibility and ownership for the stuff you build.

  4. You’ll always have a helping hand
    Our immediate team is small, but being a part of MailerLite has its perks - we have access to world-class QA, SRE (Ops), DRE, Design and Marketing teams that help immensely in daily tasks. You will always have someone to talk to, share your ideas, and help out in any problem that comes up.

  5. You can pick where you want to work, every day
    We’ve been working remotely for the past 8 years. Every day you get to choose which environment makes you the most productive.

  6. You can count on stability
    You can count on us to offer you a stable workplace. We're continuously growing and our oldest company, MailerLite, has been around for more than 10 years.

What we expect from you
  • Technical skills
    • 4+ years of experience with PHP
    • 4+ years of experience with PostgreSQL (or MySQL/MariaDB)
    • 4+ years of experience with Git
    • 2+ years of experience with Laravel
    • 2+ years of experience with Testing - TDD, PHPUnit, etc.
    • 2+ years of experience with either one of Vue.js/React.js/Angular.js
    • 2+ years of experience with Docker, Linux and macOS

  • Personal skills
    • 2+ years of experience in working on a team of at least 3 developers
    • 2+ years of experience in working on a project with sprints, PRs, code reviews
    • Proficient verbal and written communication skills in English
    • A sense of personal responsibility
    • You're eager to learn
    • Self-motivated attitude
    • Outstanding attention to detail (if you apply, include the word send somewhere in your email)
    • Ability to work with teams across multiple time zones and countries
    • Ability to quickly acquire technical and professional knowledge
    • Based in UTC+0 to UTC+4 time zones

  • Bonus skills
    • General understanding of Email related shenanigans - DKIM/SPF/DMARC, SMTP, Feedback Loops, MIME, DNS
    • Experience with MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ
    • Production experience with NodeJS
    • General understanding of AWS/Google Cloud and Kubernetes 
    • Basic knowledge of TimescaleDB or a related Time Series Database engine
    • Product growth and scalability - infrastructure, code, database related

What we offer
  • Salary: $60,000-$80,000 (gross)
  • Remote-first culture with the team working remotely from all over the world
  • Remote health insurance. Every team member gets global health insurance with full coverage in their home country and 175+ countries. No exclusions for pandemics
  • Team meet-up once a year. You and your team will get a budget to meet and bond in a location of your choice
  • Four weeks of vacation. We encourage you to unplug and recharge!
  • Creative days. One paid day off per quarter to do something creative and fun
  • Parent days. Parents can take one paid day off every month to spend time with their children
  • Parenting budget. Anyone who becomes a parent through childbirth or adoption gets a budget as a gift
  • Annual benefits, which include a budget for home office setup, personal development, leisure trips, etc.
  • MacBook and other tools that'll help you to do your job efficiently

Meet the Team Lead
Lead developer - LinkedIn profile

"Hi, I’m Tautvydas, Lead Developer at MailerSend. I've been in the company for 3 years. I enjoy basketball, football (video games of those 2 included) and almost anything technology related. The thing I value the most is open and straightforward communication. The values that unite our team are trust and striving towards a singular goal - the best possible product for our clients. I #lovemyjob because it gives me flexibility to work at a pace I’m comfortable with and gives me trust that we, as a team, will achieve our goals."


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Looking forward to hearing from you!