React Native Developer - 3 months with option to extend

Emurgo • Posted May 5th

Software Development
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This position is a 3 months contract role with option to be extended 

What is involved?
You’ll be working with the Vice President of Engineering to perform research into specific areas of interest for EMURGO, design dApp protocols from scratch, and provide important feedback about the feasibility of novel ideas and technology and how they relate or can be taken advantage of in existing EMURGO projects.
This position requires a strong functional programming background to ensure that the candidate is able to scope projects realistically and is able to translate research into more palpable forms engineers can more easily understand and work with as well.
Furthermore, having a wide knowledge of many of the most popular blockchains and dApp/DeFi protocols is also a big plus.
This will provide the candidate a clear understanding of the landscape, and as such better place them in a position to research in directions that make sense and improve on existing solutions.
You will have the runway to:
  • Discuss, analyse, and understand new feature requirements with your team-lead and PM
  • Learn about Cardano, UTXO, EUTXO, Software Development Patterns, and others.
  • Help maintain and improve existing mobile application codebase, develop new features, build new products from ground up.
  • Work on integrating the app with the backend, refine and improve the API design, analyse and grow backend functionality.
  • Work on integrating the app with mobile hardware devices and gadgets (Blockchain and cryptography related).
  • Participate in product meetings.
Our Products and Services include:
  • The Yoroi Wallet -
  • Trace -
  • Cardano Education -
What kind of people would we like to see?
  • Approachable and personable members – We are a family after all!
  • Driven and motivated people that can define goals and execute.
  • People that see the value of communicating effectively.
  • People that are experienced in working in remote environments.
  • Lean-in and extroverted people that are passionate about Crypto & Blockchain.
  • People that are pragmatic and have a can-do attitude.
What kind of experience and skills are we looking for?
  • 3+ years of native ios / android cross platform development experience.
  • Expertise with Javascript (ES6) + Flow (or Typescript).
  • 2+ years of experience in React / Redux.
  • 1+ years of experience developing mobile apps using React Native
  • Proficiency with the creation of tests (unit tests, integration, etc).
  • Knowledge of basic cryptographic primitives, and at least user-level experience with hardware wallets.
  • Understanding of blockchain fundamentals.
  • Good UX skills (CSS, HTML 5).
  • Basic knowledge of Linux.
  • Good knowledge of Git.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Knowledge of native mobile development (ie. Java for Android or Objective-C/Swift for iOS).
  • Experience with Xcode and development of software for Apple platforms.
This position is a 3 months contract role with option to be extended to 3 more months