Senior Software Engineer

Enerflo • Posted May 10th

Software Development
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Senior developer with experience in many areas. While it's not possible (and thus not expected) to be a deep expert in all areas the role touches - this role will require the ability to jump into each area at the level needed to complete the task. Or to help other more junior team members complete the task.

  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Database
  • AWS/Cloud Infra
  • Checking other's work against requirements/context/UX
  • Code reviews, QA
  • Merging code, managing releases
  • Troubleshooting problems with releases, triaging issues

The stack is fairly broad - a large App & API written in Laravel/PHP/MySql with micro-services and micro-frontends in Python/Lambda/DynamoDB, React/Typescript, Vue. Experience with specific technologies is not required or even preferred, so long as there's experience with a comparable language or framework. We are looking for problem solvers, builders, creators - not "PHP/MySql Developers".

This work is done in a "legacy" codebase. The role requires someone who understands and can overcome the challenges and constraints of working in legacy code - and can help more junior devs be safe and improve their ability to work in the legacy code.

While it is legacy code the improvement of the product is not stale. We deploy continuously, multiple times a day. In this role, there will be the opportunity to build and demo impactful features for the business, or to invent and build new tools that save time on the dev side, or on the admin power user side.

The big challenge is balancing the speed and excitement of new/needed things while delivering them within the constraints of legacy code. It is an interesting challenge, but not for everyone. If this challenge sounds like an interesting problem that you can solve, or you strongly believe you can quickly grow into - we would love to talk to you.


This position, like our entire team, is 100% remote. This means we expect our engineers to "bring your own equipment". You'll need a reliable internet connection and computer capable of running modern software development and remote communications tools such as Docker, Slack, and Zoom. Working hours are flexible but we expect you to be available to collaborate with your teammates as appropriate during business hours and to participate in regular meetings and stand-ups via Slack and Zoom.