(Lead) QA Automation Engineer - Remote (European timezones)

Talarian • Posted April 29th

Software Development
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We are hiring a QA automation engineer, to increase automation test coverage and help increase the quality of our products to the level that our customers deserve. Our QA stack is brand new, made with NodeJS, Playwright, Selenium for older browser compatibility and Github Actions. You will get to work on challenging use cases where automated tests integrate at all levels (UI, API and DB). Working on GCP you will also get to learn and use modern cloud services and solutions.

Our applications consist of multiple artifacts: Google Workspace add-ons, traditional web apps, marketing websites. Add-ons in particular live inside Google’s own products, which makes for interesting QA challenges. They are built with React, Typescript, Google Apps Script, Firebase, Node JS, Java and PostgreSQL. Everything is on Google Cloud Platform.

Your responsibilities:
  • Contribute to our QA strategy
  • Implement new automated tests in existing frameworks to increase coverage
  • Create test automation frameworks when needed
  • Design test plans and test cases for new and existing features
  • Plan and coordinate testing activities around releases
  • Incorporate tests into the software engineering process (Jira, build, release)
  • Contribute to manually testing important new features 
  • Try to break our product in every possible way so that we can make it bulletproof
  • Identify, report and track product defects
  • Help in root cause analysis

  • You have a passion for quality assurance and strong attention to details
  • You are relentless, and don’t let things slip through the cracks easily
  • You think adversarially, and like to try to break things: the first thing you’ll try when you see a form is inserting special characters or an SQL injection
  • You embrace the Modern Testing principles
  • You’ve done it before
  • You’re a team player 

Your qualifications:
  • Experience: 5+ years as a QA engineer preferably on SaaS products with many users. 
  • QA frameworks: deep knowledge of at least 2 testing frameworks such as Playwright, Selenium, Cypress, Puppeteer. Experience with visual diff testing a plus
  • Software engineering: experience with NodeJS, build tools, CI/CD pipelines
  • Cloud: you have experience with one of the 3 main cloud platforms. Bonus points for GCP and serverless experience
  • Project tracking tools: proficiency with spreadsheets, Github, Jira and other typical software engineering tools
  • Language: fluent English
  • Writing: you enjoy writing, you care about words and grammar, you are sharp and thorough

Benefits (depending on the type of contract):
  • A good compensation that gives you financial peace of mind, wherever you live
  • 30 days of paid time off including national holidays
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance 
  • Paid parental leave

How to apply:

We want to get a sense of how you write and think. To that end, please write an email that covers at least the following:
  • Tell us why you want this job, and why our products are interesting to you
  • Tell us about an interesting/challenging test case you had to build
  • Include a link to something you're proud of having written online (or copy/paste if not public - we won't share)
Working with us requires a lot of writing/communicating, so please use your application to show off those skills. Stock cover letters won't do.
Send to the email address indicated on WWR. 
Interview process:
  1. We will first ask you a few targeted questions to be answered by email so as to get acquainted with you in writing
  2. If that goes well, we’ll send you a take-at-home technical test that should take ~1 day to complete
  3. You’ll then move on to an interview with a Lead Engineer
  4. Finally, an interview with the CTO

We can’t wait to hear from you!