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Sitemate • Posted November 17th

Software Development
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Brief overview of this role at Sitemate:
  • We are looking for a full stack software engineer to join our engineering team and work with our CTO and one of our senior engineers.
  • This role would be great for you if you are looking for more technical authority and autonomy with your work. Maybe you’ve worked in startups or had your own startup that has finished up, and you want to join a startup team that move very quickly and place a huge emphasis on product and engineering - this role would be perfect for you. Maybe you don’t have as many years of experience of others, but think you would do well at taking on more responsibility - this role would be perfect for you.
  • You will have opportunities such as becoming a senior and foundational member of our engineering team, regardless of your location - our 3 current senior engineers are based in Melbourne, Vancouver and Almaty respectively. You will have the opportunity to be a part of a small internal startup team working on a greenfield project. You will have direct engagement, collaboration and communication with our Head of Product, Head of Design & UX and CEO.

Employment Type:
  • Full-time
  • Preferred Based: Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brazil, Singapore - Remote
  • Remuneration - pending experience level:
    • Level 2: A$90k - A$130k
    • Level 3: A$130k - A$180k
  • Note for remote candidates - Sitemate has a standardised COL (Cost of Living) multiplier that is applied to the remuneration bands shown, based on your location, it may go up or down.

Why should I consider joining Sitemate?
  • Check out Sitemate’s team at the 2022 offsite: https://youtu.be/DEPrINm_6So
  • You can see what people really think about working at Sitemate here: https://www.glassdoor.com.au/Overview/Working-at-Sitemate-EI_IE3008131.11,19.htm
  • Listen to CEO Hartley Pike speak about the company’s founding and broader Go To Market strategy: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6980676710161661952/
  • We have equal opportunity for applicants of all genders, ethnicity and sexualities - Sitemate's team is proudly diverse.
  • You will have flexible working options - our team is a blend of fully remote and hubs around offices. People-based in hub cities typically work in the office 2-3 days per week, and 2-3 days working from home. Remote team members 100% work from home.
  • You will be remunerated based on your performance. If you are performing well, you won’t need to wait 3 years or have to find better offers elsewhere to receive an increase to your remuneration. 7 out of the last 10 remuneration increases for Sitemate team members have been made pro-actively by management, without the individual needing to even raise the topic of remuneration.
  • You will get budget to set up your home office (laptop, standing desk, monitor, headphones etc).
  • You will be able to attend company-sponsored training, workshops or conferences that help with your role.
  • You will get additional benefits and support as parents - with paid leave for both primary and secondary carers (includes adoption), as well as support and leave for the tragic circumstances of stillbirth.
  • You will have visibility into the standardised career development plan for your role, and access to a professional learning and development budget.
  • You will get equity options and ownership in Sitemate on a standard vesting schedule. See here a general overview of how this works: https://legalvision.com.au/5-essential-elements-employee-share-scheme/
  • Sitemate has grown from 5 people in 2018 to now over 50, and we’re now moving into the next stage of growing to 100 people! We have a product that customers are strongly engaged with, and every month we get around 300-400 new leads whilst spending $0 on marketing and 0 cold calling.
  • Sitemate’s founders have diverse backgrounds - one with coming from engineering on major infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges and tunnels, the second coming from product and graphic design. This brings a unique perspective internally where we blend deep industry experience with a passion (obsession) for modern best practices in product design.

What is the working environment like at Sitemate?
  • We are very transparent - monthly allhands meetings provide the team with direct insight into team updates, customer stories, hiring plans and key metrics (NPS, Revenue, Financial Performance). During this allhands meeting we also hear one ‘life story’ from one of our team each month - learning about different countries and cultures around the world.
  • We place an extremely high value on your time - you won’t be spending your days wasting time on fighting internal systems, botched together spreadsheet processes or doing data entry.
  • We use best in class systems that are seamlessly integrated to deliver our team the right information at the right time, allowing them to get their work done efficiently and to a very high standard.
  • You will have a core and close team around you, but you will also be exposed to and working directly with multiple departments - engineering, product, design, marketing, sales and customer success.
  • You will have a high degree of autonomy, as the focus is on outcomes and not hours. If you want to block off a few hours to run a personal errand - no worries. If you want to block off an hour to pick up the kids from school - no worries. No one will be monitoring your time.
  • We are constantly working to minimise the number of group meetings - daily check ins are all done asynchronously (in your own time) each morning. But spontaneous 1:1s or small sessions are strongly encouraged!

What does Sitemate do, exactly?
  • Sitemate builds best-in-class software products for the built world.
  • Industrial companies operating in the built world are facing a number of mission critical challenges - changes in work behaviour due to covid-19, Generation Z starting to enter the workforce as mobile first users of software, and the drastic shift away from traditional mining to renewable energy projects such as wind farms and solar farms.
  • See here an example wind farm project that is powered by Sitemate: https://roadbridge.ie/projects/beinn-an-tuirc-windfarm-phase-3/
  • See here an example solar farm project that is powered by Sitemate: https://newenglandsolarfarm.com.au/the-project/
  • Our first product - Dashpivot, is a platform where industrial style companies streamline and standardise their processes in a new digital format. This new digital format enables them to complete and track work in the field on a mobile or tablet, and automate repetitive tasks and tracking through automated workflows and real-time analytics.

See some of our user reviews for Dashpivot here:
  • Capterra:https://capterra.com/p/178010/Dashpivot/
  • G2 Crowd: https://www.g2.com/products/dashpivot/reviews
  • Trust Radius: https://www.trustradius.com/products/dashpivot-by-sitemate/reviews?o=recent

What will I be doing day to day in this role?
  • For the first couple of months, you will likely pick up some ‘warm up’ tasks on our existing products, to help you familiarise yourself with the product and engineering team, as well as our existing functionality. During this period, you will also be joining research calls with our CEO, Head of Product and Head of Design & UX, as well as planning out the technical architecture for our new greenfield project.
  • You will be developing new features, fixing bugs and re-architecting core components functions. Wait a second, it’s a greenfield project - so there shouldn’t be any re-architecting required, right…? 😉
  • Working closely with our delivery team (product owner & QA Engineers), product team and broader engineering team.
  • Assisting our delivery team with diagnosing any production issues by investigating bugsnag and datadog logs, and then creating hotfix releases accordingly.

What will be the biggest challenges for me in this role?
  • Greenfield project - so there will be unknown unknowns.
  • Working with many other SaaS product’s APIs - likely of different quality standards.
  • Architecting for durability - ensuring that data is queued mid-flight if a service goes offline either end of the automation flow (either ours or a 3rd party connected application).
  • Architecting for backwards compatibility - many variables with our own API versioning and 3rd party SaaS product’s APIs constantly changing.
  • You’ll be working directly with our most senior team members - who will have high expectations of the person who joins to work on this project.

 What kind of skills and experience do I need to have? (Ideally most but not all)
  • Javascript/Typescript experience is preferred.
  • Experience with building no/low code automation product(s) preferred.
  • Experience with building native integrations between SaaS products is preferred.
  • Broader non-technical understanding of the open API ecosystem, best practices and trends.


It looks like Sitemate works in industrial verticals like construction and renewable energy, do I need to have industry experience in these areas in order to be successful?
Definitely not! Our last three new team members have come from Tourism, Online Gaming and Hospitality. We will provide the necessary training and systems to learn about the different industries we work in, and there are multiple team members internally who are from our customer’s industries.

What does the application and interview process look like? And how long does it take?
Once you have expressed interest, we have an online application form that is connected to our internal systems. Following on from this, we have a combination of an online self service quiz and interviews. Usually it will only take a day or two to hear an update on next steps, and the overall process for those who make it all the way through, will usually take a couple of weeks.