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Perspective • Posted January 1st

Software Development
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Have you ever tried to journal? We have too. Do you still journal consistently? Probably not - and you aren’t alone. The world has never been more depressed, and journaling has always been a proven solution, but it’s hard: input friction remains too high with incomplete habit loops leading to low reward. We're building the world's first intelligent journal to provide millions of Millennials and GenZ access to self-directed therapy to live happier and more meaningful lives.


We are looking for our first iOS Engineer to join our founding team! As a founding member, you’ll be responsible for writing the first lines of code for our mobile application. The building blocks are almost set: you'll be joining experienced founders, a wonderful group of pre-seed investors, and a phenomenal team that includes a product designer, ML research scientist, data scientist and backend engineer.

  • Build the iOS app.
  • Make sure it doesn’t break.
  • Hire your dream team :)

  • Salary: USD$90-150k, depending on experience. As a startup, we’ll naturally favor lower salaries with greater equity.
  • Equity: Honestly, it’s entirely dependent on you. We’re extremely generous with equity for founding team members as we want you to share in the success of this journey.

  • As a human being 🧠
    • You’re not a jerk.
    • You like to build and iterate quickly.
    • You’re a self-starter and like to be empowered.

  • As an engineer 💻
    • 4+ years experience developing native iOS applications in Swift.
    • Experience with building server-side API’s and client-side mobile apps.
    • A mindset of building quality software (TDD, unit testing, system testing).
    • An ability to navigate ambiguity and turning business/strategic requirements into technical solutions.
    • Experience architecting, debugging and refactoring production systems. 
    • The ability to get scrappy and build quickly, while also planning for the future and ensuring our decisions will scale and minimize future technical debt.

Why work at Perspective?
  • This is meaningful. 🔮
    • We’re not building another simple widget.
    • The market is really big (>1B people).
    • Your work will matter. We’re solving mental health.

  • We’ve de-risked a few things. 💰
    • We’re funded by great investors who believe in the mission and have >24 months runway.
    • We’ve done our research and spent the first 9 months interviewing hundreds of people from our target audience to disconfirm hypotheses and understand customer problems.
    • We’re experienced startup founders who’ve built & sold successful companies before.
    • We’ve built an exceptional founding team with roles spanning across Research, Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Backend Software Engineering, Product Design, and Marketing. All we need is you!

  • The perks are pretty great. 😎
    • As part of our founding team, your equity will matter with options for early liquidity.
    • We care about your health and balance. We expect you to grind, but you need to take time off to recharge (unlimited vacation).
    • Low-ego team. You’ll be treated with respect.
    • Fully remote organization. Never put pants on again.