(EU Timezone) Technical Customer Happiness Officer

Helpjuice • Posted October 9th

Software Development
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We're not your typical software company;

We're a remote company, but we get together every 6 months for a team retreat to awesome locations such as Bali/Portugal/Morocco (prior to COVID). Our product, Helpjuice, is used by thousands of companies (amongst them many Fortune 500 companies, including Hertz, Walmart, aswell as the US Government).

The position you're applying to is one of the most important positions within Helpjuice, as our product is very customizable (to be exact, we use Liquid Templates, and are able to provide very customized knowledge bases as a result).

In short, your job would be to do customer support and help out customers by customizing their accounts (think: using CSS to alter the look & feel of their account/knowledge base)

As Technical Customer Happiness Officer, you'd be responsible for:

  • Helping customers understand the product, and onboarding them.
  • Managing & Answering a daily support inbox of ~10-30 inquires a day
  • Customizing a good amount of knowledge bases. At least 3-4 a week.
  • Being held accountable for making sure the customer's problems/pains are solved, and communicating problems to the Product Manager and Developers
  • Attending (paid-for) company retreats, and having a blast with the team!


Requirements are as follows:

  • Very good English skills. If you type , like this dont' apply !
  • You should be very good in CSS. Making a site mobile responsive is a must in today's world. So we expect you to be able to do so easily.
  • Be empathetic. Yes, customers will be angry, sad, happy, excited, but most of the time confused, and looking for an answer. You should use your Jedi Psychology power to make them always feel happy

Ideal candidate would also understand:

  • SCSS - because it's freakin' cool
  • Have a very good eye for design - our customers, afterall, will rely on you to help them to make their account/knowledge base look amazing. So it's always great if you can provide some feedback.
  • Be very responsive - all the time.
  • Have a sense of humor :)


We're working on a very challenging product, with thousands of competitors, and yet we're amongst the top solutions that people choose to work with. Every day, we're challenged by our very well-funded competitors to push our product to the next level and deliver a better experience for our customers.

We're a small team doing very cool things, with thousands of customers that absolutely love us, and as a result are able to also provide benefits such as:

  • Flexible working hours. We believe work shouldn't dictate your life, so we let you work when you're cool with it, but we do expect you to be online somewhere around the timeline of 8am- 7pm EUROPE Timezone for our EUROPE Support.
  • Remote. Work in your underwear, or from a coffee shop, or from the south of Spain. We're cool with whatever, as long as you're having fun & working.
  • Paid-for company vacations. This ain't your average company. We like to make sure everyone's having an amazing time, while creating the next generation of customer support software. As a result, every 6 months, we offer a all-paid-for company retreat to some pretty nice locations (past ones included Bali, Morocco, Portugal).
  • 1-month Paid Vacation.
  • Challenging & Rewarding. We're in a very competitive market, and we're able to win a lot of our competitors customers, simply by having a better product & customer experience. This tradition is really able to exist because we have a very strong team.