Senior Backend Developer (Rails) - Remote

Callbell • Posted April 28th

Software Development
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We started Callbell by chance when in November 2018 we landed on a Twilio website page that was advertising the recent release of the WhatsApp Business APIs & we started discussing something new that would allow companies to easily integrate this channel into their customer service.

Callbell is a centralized collaborative inbox for WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram which allows businesses to communicate with their customers in real-time on the messaging platform of their choice.

We launched the product in September 2019 and so far we have 1000+ paying clients. We have grown from 2 people (Carlo & Gianluca, the co-founders) to a team of 25 people working full-remote from all around the world (France, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Venezuela, India, Egypt).

We are looking for a Ruby on Rails engineer who thrives in a startup environment, is passionate about building great software, and enjoys a wide variety of problems. This position is full-time & full-remote.

Why are we hiring for this position?

Callbell processes more than 17M messages monthly, with this number constantly increasing. Our main challenge for 2022 will be to scale our current real-time messaging infrastructure built on Ruby on Rails, ActionCable / AnyCable, Golang, Redis, Postgres, Kafka, and ClickHouse.

At the same time, with our customer base growing, we need to also provide new features which help businesses from all around the world to be effective in handling 1-to-1 communication through mobile messaging apps:

  • Make the product easier to use: most of our users are non-technical and have high expectations. We aim to keep the core of our product simple solid and easy to understand

  • Continuously improve performance: having a real-time, highly interactive platform pushes us every day in building a more reliable infrastructure and a simpler product

  • Being pragmatic and data-driven: we think that every choice should be backed up by data and measured accordingly. At the same time, we want to provide our customers with in-context data regarding their team performance

You will be a key member of our engineering team, and enable us to improve our product velocity. This includes enhancing the underlying architecture to support growth while collaborating with the wider team to more quickly deliver new functionalities.

What you will do specifically

You will be working primarily in Rails backend applications that directly handle 5+ million requests per day.

Some of the expected activities you’ll be performing will be the following:

  • Create external and internal APIs 
  • Create new services to scale or outperform current ones 
  • Help the team to build new features by providing pragmatic solutions 
  • Write testable and well-documented code Keep our platform secure and reliable

Skills and experience we’re looking for in this role:

  • 4+ years working as a backend or full-stack engineer in Rails 
  • 4+ years of startup experience in full-time remote work Fluency with our stack: Ruby on Rails, ActionCable / AnyCable, Golang, Redis, and Postgres
  • Writing clean, testable code (RSpec) 
  • Independent and self-motivated mindset; proactive in finding solutions while able to structure your own work

Other requirements

  • You have a fully functioning workspace and a quiet place to focus with a high-speed internet connection 
  • You are in a European time zone (+/-3 UTC range would be best) 
  • This is your full-time job (no other part-time roles) 
  • Fluency (written and verbal) in English