Backend Developer (Platform)

Echosec • Posted July 22nd

Software Development
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Echosec Systems is looking for a backend developer on the Platform Engineering team who enjoys working within the node.js ecosystem to creatively solve problems related to web crawling, data aggregation, data ingestion, and building a robust API that handles millions of searches per day.

The Platform Engineering team primarily addresses the data needs problems for Echosec Systems and provides a lot of opportunities to learn and integrate new technologies.

We work primarily with node.js (Nest.js), Typescript, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, and Elasticsearch.

You’ll join a small, but growing team of developers who are actively learning and flexible in their process, but value code review, unit testing, and continuous learning.

Required Experience

2+ years of backend development experience, with at least 1 of them being hands-on with the node.js ecosystem.

Types of Projects You May Work On:
  • Building out the dark web and clear web data collection infrastructure and algorithms.
  • Building an enrichment pipeline that integrates with our Natural Language Processing services to categorize data and provide location inference.
  • Implement robust performance monitoring and tracing across the entire backend stack.
  • A lot of greenfield development. We like to ship new code and then refactor it.
  • Building out a GeoIP microservice.
  • Mentorship for new graduates and developers just starting their careers.

Useful Skills:
  • Programming languages: Typescript and Javascript
  • Frameworks: Express, Koa, Nest.js, TypeORM, and Node.js
  • Patterns & designs: Test Driven Development, Job Queues, Node Streams, Pub/Sub
  • Databases: Redis, Elasticsearch, and PostgreSQL
  • Other: Docker and scripting