Senior Frontend Engineer for small 100% remote consultancy

Room 118 Solutions • Posted June 3rd

Software Development
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Hey! We're Room 118 Solutions, a small web application consultancy. For the past decade, we’ve generally worked on server-side rendered Ruby on Rails applications that had minimal JavaScript. But, times they are a-changin’, and requirements for some of our existing projects have begun demanding richer frontend experiences, and we’ve also begun working on some Node.js stacks. Our team consists exclusively of backend RoR engineers, so we’re looking for a frontend engineer who can help us out on these projects, guide us on best practices, and generally lead the way on frontend development. 

We have three projects that we need immediate help on. If you think you’re the right fit for any of these, please reach out.

  1. Mature SSR’d Ruby on Rails application. This uses sprinkles of JavaScript throughout, but has two JS-heavy features: an interactive timeline component using the Vis.js library and a highly dynamic wizard/form backed by Knockout.js. We’re now looking to introduce React throughout the app. Our first targets will be replacing Vis.js with homegrown React components and rebuilding the wizard forms with React (and moving completely away from Knockout.js). We’ll then seek to begin introducing React components throughout the UI, with an eventual goal of replacing all of our legacy JS. Some of this work may require reaching for state management solutions like Redux. Your role on this project will be to lead the way on introducing React, deciding on a state management solution, guiding us on best practices (especially relating to adding React components to RoR applications), and generally leading the way on this effort to migrate the application to a React-based frontend. Some RoR knowledge/experience is a must for this project.
  2. Young Nuxt.js + Express.js application. Your role will be to work alongside our team to implement new features.
  3. Greenfield React application. We’re developing a brand new application for a client. We haven’t selected the full stack yet, but we’ll be using React and likely Node.js for the backend. Some interest or knowledge in the cryptocurrency space would be fantastic for this one, but not a requirement. Your role will be to work alongside our team to implement new features.

We work remotely (and always have - even pre-COVID!), and don't have an office, but we're based in the NYC area. We're not picky on where you get your work done. Want to work from Tahiti on Wednesday? No problem. We just ask that we have some overlap in our work days (we're on Eastern time) to touch base. 

We're looking for a US-based* senior level frontend engineer. You should be just as comfortable starting a brand new project from scratch as you are diving into one that has been under active development for years. You should be comfortable “owning” the frontend component of our projects. If you’re comfortable implementing backend features, too, that’s great and we’ll have you work on the whole stack on most projects. But most importantly, you’ll be our guide and resident frontend expert and we’ll rely on you to guide us on best practices, to make stack and tooling selections, etc. You’ll have a lot of influence over our projects. If you've ever felt unheard or like a grunt programmer at your old gigs, you'll love working with us.

* Note that we are currently unable to hire California-based contractors.

Are you interested in joining our team? Here’s what we need from you:

  • A résumé if you have a current one, but don't bother writing one if you don't. A brief informal employment history is just as good.
  • Most importantly, please share with us some of your previous work. If you have a Github account, send that over. Either way, it's great if you can send over a few of your favorite code snippets with a brief description of why you're proud of them. Alternatively, describe some interesting problems you’ve faced and how you went about solving them.
  • Your timezone
  • Your hourly rate. This is for a 1099 contractor position.
  • Your availability over the next few months in terms of available hours per week or month (we realize this is subject to change, we just want to get an idea for how much bandwidth you have).
  • Which of the above projects you think you’d be the right fit for.

Fellow shops/consultancies need not apply. We're specifically looking for an individual. Thanks!