Senior Software Engineer (Haskell/PostgreSQL/GraphQL/PureScript)

SuperRare 💎 • Posted January 25th

Software Development
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Engineering at SuperRare

The core of SuperRare is a cutting edge technology stack bringing together the Ethereum blockchain with immersive 3D and VR visual art. 

Started by technical founders, a strong engineering culture is at the heart of our company. We love collaboration, cross-functional thinking, and functional programming, especially Haskell and PureScript.

What you'll do

• Contribute to SuperRare’s core products, libraries and services

• Design new and optimize existing systems and participate in engineering retrospectives

• Maintain existing devops and backend infrastructure

• Help to add CI/CD to our infrastructure

• Design and implement static type schemas between services to ensure type safe communication (GraphQL + Swagger/OpenAPI)

• Maintain, design, and improve HTTP APIs and data pipelines (Haskell Services + Haskell APIs + Express-js API + Generated GraphQL APIs)

• Implement and improve SQL queries (Views + UDFs, these are wrapped by GraphQL API)

• PostgreSQL table design

• Participate in R&D for various blockchain scaling solutions

• Design and implement Solidity contracts

• Service architecture design

• Cheerfully discuss and argue about functional programming and static type systems

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

• Strong knowledge of functional programming principles

• Understanding of domain driven design principles

• Experience with Haskell or other strongly typed functional programming languages

• Experience optimizing PostgreSQL or other SQL queries as well as performant table design

• Experience with Docker, Docker-Compose, Nomad or other devops/container tooling

• Willingness to learn Solidity

• Solid knowledge of unit testing

• Strong foundation with Unix/Linux based systems

• Experience with HTTP API design and best practices

• Basic knowledge of ReactJS AngularJS, or similar UI frameworks

• Basic knowledge of JavaScript (and/or TypeScript), HTML, and CSS

• Nice to have: Experience with GraphQL and Postgraphile or Hasura

If this describes you, we'd love to hear from you!