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Digital Harvest, Inc. • Posted April 26th

Software Development
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What is your role?
  • Mostly backend-focused web development
  • Work on optimizing and extending the Python Flask API of our main SaaS product
  • Develop backend support for new features
  • Solve challenges around handling big amounts of data
  • Take ownership of smaller, internal as well as customer-facing browser tools (full-stack Python Flask applications, incl. simple frontend)
  • Research and help implement database optimizations
  • Collaborate with our senior backend engineer to define interfaces between our web applications and the rest of our system; as well as define DevOps-related system requirements
  • Write unit and integration tests

What We Are Looking For?
You do not have to have a degree in Computer Science or a specific number of years of working experience to join us! We are open to anyone who can cover a good portion of the below.
  • Good familiarity with Python Flask
  • Good familiarity with API development
  • Knowledge about OWASP principles
  • Experience working with relational databases (PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy)
  • Experience with Git, and readiness to stick with a proper git workflow
  • Fan of clean code (PEP8)
  • Fan of the KISS software principle
  • Curious, open to trying and learning new things
  • Good communication skills:  English proficiency required
  • Independent way of working (we are always happy to help - especially if you should be a junior developer - but you should be the kind of engineer who enjoys solving challenges on their own)

Bonus points for:
  • Experience with AWS
  • Familiarity with geospatial data and time-series data
  • Pandas, GDAL, Shapely
  • Serverless architecture
  • Docker
  • Experience with data-intensive applications
  • Experience with NoSQL databases

  • Full-time remote work, flexibility in location
  • Must have access to high-speed internet  

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