Mid/senior full-stack developer for a smorgasbord of ongoing (and future) projects

N/A • Posted December 7th

Software Development
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I'm Cory, a product designer and serial entrepreneur. I've co-founded 2 VC-backed startups, worked for 2 YC companies, and have consulted for early-stage startups that have gone on to IPO.

In addition to my day job, I have a Shopify client, a couple side projects (totaling 5-digits in MRR), and a number of side projects I'm tinkering with that have yet to launch. But my bandwidth is limited. I'm the bottleneck and need to do a better job of partnering with someone who can help me ship stuff.

I'm looking to bring on a mid to senior-level full stack developer on a part time basis (for now, up to 20 hours/week) who can:
  • Maintain existing web apps (infrastructure, upgrading libraries)
  • Build new features
  • Productize some web apps
  • Help me launch new projects
I'm open to a potential co-founder situation in the future, as well. But most important to me is finding a "partner" who can help in making decisions and prioritizing tasks, not just a "yes" person.

Because these apps have been built over the past decade, there's a wide range of technology you'd be working with. I'll outline some of the projects below:


Online portfolio service (for models, photographers, etc)
  • Originally build in 2010, rebuilt in 2015
  • Rails, Mongo, Liquid, Fly.io

Blogging platform
  • Built in 2013
  • Rails, Postgres, Liquid, Fly.io

Shopify Plus store (client)
  • Liquid, JS work
  • Potentially Online Store 2.0 work in the future

RV search engine
  • Not yet launched
  • Rails, Postgres, Tailwind, Heroku, React in the future

Embeddable Calendar app
  • In use by 1 client, not yet fully productized
  • Uses Google Calendar as a data source
  • jQuery, Rails, Heroku
  • Once productized, I'd like to launch on ProductHunt

Travel blog service
  • Currently designing and writing spec, not yet built
  • Will most likely be Node, Next.js, React, Postgres
  • Integrations with Mapbox, a weather feed
  • Planning to dogfood, but once productized, I'd like to launch on ProductHunt

Technical skills

Because of the breadth of projects, here's an ideal full stack (though it's fine if you need to pick something up along the way):
  • Rails
  • Backbone
  • JavaScript (vanilla)
  • Shopify (experience with platform)
  • Liquid
  • React
  • Tailwind
  • jQuery
  • Experience with integrating APIs
  • Managing servers and infrastructure in AWS, Heroku, Fly.io

Other skills

Interests in growth marketing, finding product/market fit, and SEO are a big bonus for these projects. There is a lot of low-hanging fruit that might go beyond the bounds of actually writing code, but if you're interested in some of these things, I sure could use the help.


This should feel like a partnership. I want you to be excited about working on these projects, and for you to be able to take initiative on the most important tasks.

I believe in being as async as possible (using GitHub Issues to keep track of things), but also want to be able to chat ad-hoc as issues or questions come up, and to be able to brainstorm together.


I'd strongly prefer a U.S.-based person, both for timezone overlap and for potential ability to meet up occasionally.

Please, no...
  • Agencies
  • Developers who want to subcontract

I'm looking for someone who wants to sink their teeth into this and cares about the quality of code and the solutions they're building, so the agency model doesn't really work for this.