Senior Software Engineer

Journey • Posted November 30th

Software Development
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Journey is a storytelling tool designed for the internet age. We've identified hundreds of opportunities to tell better stories: sales, marketing, fundraising, and, you guessed it - recruiting.

Journey is a tool that allows you to combine all sorts of content into one interactive experience. We believe that the future of storytelling looks more like a video game than a slideshow. 

We're an experienced senior team (the founders have worked together for 6 years across two companies) that is building a well funded and thoughtful company.

What you'll work on:
  • Building customer facing features with everything from UI components to backend features like video infrastructure, billing.
  • Working on various integrations like Salesforce, Outreach, Google Drive, Slack, Segment.
  • Improving and maintaining our Journey Editor and Dashboard which are heavily built in React and Tailwind CSS.
  • Improving the codebase by keeping a high standard in code and making sure you cover your code with tests.
  • Adding analytics, monitoring and alerts to make sure we respond to incidents quickly.
  • React frontend utilizing react hooks and zustand for state management
  • UI component library built on top of Headless UI and custom components styled with Tailwind CSS
  • Python / Flask, Postgres and Redis in the backend API layer
  • Chrome extension that allows screen and video recording simultaneously that is integrated with our web application.
  • Hosted on AWS ECS, CI/CD on CodePipeline with tens of deploys each day.
  • GitHub, Slack, Notion, Linear for internal communication
We care deeply about design and quality software. We strive to build a product that look delightful, minimal yet sticky for the recipient. We believe in doing good thoughtful work in an iterative manner.