Founding Engineer (TypeScript) | Remote US/EU

AgreeTo • Posted June 1st

Software Development
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What we offer (compensation & benefits)

As many great candidates won’t be ready to join full-time immediately, we would be also open to contract-to-hire.

Hiring offer
  • Equity. Anywhere from 0.5%-1.5% equity for the founding engineer
  • Salary. Base salary will be USD ~65k
  • Relocation. EU visa sponsorship & relocation (if applies and desired by candidate)


Our mission is to take the work out of scheduling while avoiding scheduling links (à la Calendly).

80% of meetings are scheduled manually via e-mail or phone. The reality is that scheduling links don’t work for most of the meetings because of the costs to social capital.
  • When someone sends you a Calendly link and asks you to slot yourself on their calendar, they are telling you that you are less important than them. It is a ‘get in line’ move.
  • In practice, recipients will often not click on your Calendly.

These aspects make scheduling links de-facto useless for the vast majority of the workforce. Imagine:
  • A Sales Development Representative reaching out to a prospective client that he’s never talked to.
  • An architect trying to set up a first consultation with new homeowners.
  • A head hunter setting up a confidential meeting for a senior executive position at a corporate company.
  • ...

The reality is that setting up a meeting is a nuanced dance of social capital to match the importance and urgency between two parties. And this is currently a very manual process.

We are looking for a Founding Engineer to join our founders and build a software tool that solves that manual process.

Why join

  • Join a company that’s going from 0 → 10k MRR. Our MVP grew all organic. Now, we’re ready to go for revenue now and make that grow.
  • Full focus on building. Fundraising, Marketing & Customer Support will all be taken care of by the other founders. You’ll be able to focus on building.
  • Founder competencies. Richard is a self-taught developer working as a software engineer now and Philipp majored in engineering. However, both founders have a background in growth and transfer the skills to the business side of things.
  • Reduced risk. While you’ll get potentially life-changing equity in the company, we’ve already secured enough money to pay you a salary.

What you'll do (responsibilities)

  • Make most of our technical decisions. We want to rewrite our MVP from scratch, which leaves a complete greenfield for you.
  • Co-own the product. We will remain a team of 3 for a while, which means we agree on some features to build and from there it’s you implementing them from start to finish together with one or two other engineers.
  • Build for interesting platforms. Bring your full creativity to solve technical problems to serve a web app, a browser extension, and an outlook add-in. All with shiny new technologies ✨

What we're looking for (qualifications)

We don’t care about CVs. We are looking for smart, driven people who are eager to have an impact.
  • Your Stack. Typescript, Prisma, React, Turborepo, tRPC, NextJS in a monorepo. You should have extensive experience with the majority of these tools.
  • A product builder at heart. You like the idea of implementing your own ideas from A-Z. We expect you to have a knack for great ✨UX and have built & launched products from scratch in the past.
  • Good heart. We don't tolerate jerks and are generally just friendly people.

How to Apply (hint: no CV or cover letter)

Interested in learning more about what it's like to build AgreeTo with us? We'd love to talk! Email our founder Philipp Schwengel directly at [email protected].

In the e-mail, please outline:
  • Location. From where you’ll be working (we’re used to fully-remote)
  • Start Date. Your earliest possible start
  • Experience. How much years of experience you have with Typescript, Prisma, React & NextJS.

We don’t require you to do any coding challenge. After successfully passing the interviews, we will pay you for implementing real features to see if you’re comfortable in our work environment.