JavaScript Full Stack Developer with an Eye for Design

Ganz Digital GmbH • Posted August 12th

Software Development
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Hello there! We are Stefan and Tobias, brothers and founders of Ganz Digital, and we’re looking for a talented coder to join our team.

We are a tiny startup incubator from Switzerland.

We help people bring their ideas to life and their products to success. We do this by designing and developing web and mobile apps, creating and running marketing campaigns, and helping our customers to think digitally and execute lean.

Apart from the projects we realize for our customers, we also have a small number of apps and platforms that we market ourselves.

The range of our projects spans simple proof-of-concepts, minimum viable products, and full-fledged Software-as-a-Service applications.

You are a talented coder with a feel for aesthetics.

In your 2 to 5 years of building software, you’ve developed web sites and web apps with ReactJS and TailwindCSS, mobile apps with React Native, and backends with NodeJS and—ideally—Firebase.

You did all that not just because you like to code but because you like to build software that is being used by people. You care about clarity – in your code as much as in the UI. That’s why you keep things short and simple. 

You know how you work best, when you’re the most productive, and when you need a break. You know how to tackle big tasks, how to deliver on time, and when to let go. You know when to use a quick hack, and when to rewrite a chunk of code to make things easier in the future.

You are driven, opinionated, quick and thorough. 

We offer a ton of freedom and fair pay.

You will be the driver of the projects you work on, not just a cog in a machine churning out code. We will free the way for you to build great software in the way that works for you. We care about results, not process.

Everyone at Ganz Digital works fully remote. You can choose where and when you want to work. A full-time job consist of 40 hours of work per week and you can select a workload anywhere between 60% and 100%.

We pay competitive salaries based on your local economy, and we top it up with an additional monthly allowance for your office and equipment. You also get 25 days of paid vacation per year.

We would love to hear from you.

Does this sound like a match? Then please fill out our questionnaire ( and drop us an email with a link to your favorite project in your portfolio.