Frontend Developer for Payments Startup

Paysure Technology • Posted August 26th

Software Development
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We're a startup founded in 2017 and have developed a suite of working & tested applications focused on authorising payments initiated via payment cards. We are currently expanding and looking for new developers to join our team.

Our product 
Have you ever had to deal with travel insurance while staying in a foreign country? It's quite likely you had to have a lengthy call with your insurer, pay for the medical treatment out of pocket and then claim money back from the insurer once safely back home. What if you communicated with your insurer via mobile application and the insurer promptly sent you money to be used immediately to cover your expenses? How cool would be that?

Has your employer ever sent you on a business trip and asked you to pay for all your expenses with your personal debit card? Only to get reimbursed afterwards? What if your employer actually provided you with a payment card that could be used to pay for all authorised business expenses directly?

There are plenty of other scenarios that could be implemented with our B2B payment solution. Apart from that, we provide our clients with back-office applications, mobile app and other products.

Our tech stack

  • Latest versions of Angular for frontend apps, and Flutter for hybrid mobile apps.
  • Test-driven and behaviour-driven (Gherkin syntax) development patterns.
  • Continuous integration and delivery using CircleCI.
  • Docker both for development and production (Amazon ECS).
  • Our preferred project management method is Kanban (Trello).
  • Our preferred communication tool is Slack.

Our team
We are currently a rather compact technical team of 9 members - 6 backend developers, 1 frontend developer, 1 QA person and 1 sysadmin. We definitely need another frontend developer.

The tech team is based in the Czech Republic, but the parent company is established in the United Kingdom + some team members do not speak Czech, so it's good to be able to speak English ...somehow. Being able to discuss code with your colleagues will be a plus, part of the team works from other countries.

Our interview process
  1. We review your CV/GitHub/code examples/other resources.
  2. Introductory video call is scheduled - to get to know each other and have a friendly discussion about your work experience and your technical expertise.
  3. Pair-programming exercise with one of our devs. We are not advocates of whiteboard exercises, so we will implement something closely resembling our day to day tasks.
  • You can hit the ground running and develop maintainable code from day one.
  • You have a deep knowledge of core Javascript and you can write Typescript with your eyes closed (well, almost).
  • You have proven experience in building large single-page frontend applications
  • Your familiarity with CircleCI or other CI tools enables you to debug and fix pipelines.
  • You are able to work in an unstructured start-up environment. You escalate problems whenever you are stuck and also voice your opinions when needed, ultimately enabling us to innovate faster.
  • Your proactive and transparent approach will save us from any major hiccups, since you solve problems before they ever reach the client.

What if I don't have all the skills mentioned?

No worries, we will still consider candidates who can tick the majority of boxes.

  • Remote-first company... forever.
    We've always been a remote company and will remain so even after the pandemic is hopefully over. We are remote-first, so are processes are adapted towards WFH arrangements.
  • Flexible hours
    You can schedule your hours flexibly during the week, we won't chain you to your desk at specific times. All we ask is that you are available to your colleagues at reasonable hours.
  • We are a tech company
    This means the quality of our tech products is crucial to our success and thus, by extension, your opinion is truly valued. We understand that doing things the right way pays off in the future. We operate with a horizontal structure; everyone, whether a developer or the CEO, is invited to help mould the product & strategy.
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation
  • Training budget
    Books, subscriptions, courses, conference tickets, you name it.
  • International environment
    Our HQs are located in the United Kingdom, our clients/prospects are from all over the world (South East Asia, North America, Europe), our team is international too.